Quadiriki Caves

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The Quadiriki Caves (Guadirikiri Caves, Quadirikiri Cave) are located in Arikok National Park on the island of Aruba. There are three caves, which tourists commonly explore. Caves are located at the base of a limestone cliff. They contain Amerindian petroglyphs. The name of the caves are of Arawak origin.

The first two chambers in the largest, 150 m long cave, are illuminated by holes in the ceiling, while the third chamber is damp and dark, filled with bat guano.[1] Cave contains stalactites and stalagmites.

A smaller 98-foot (30 m) long cave to the east from the main cave is especially rich with Amerindian petroglyphs.

A somewhat dubious folk tale relates to a daughter of an Indian chief who fell in love and was imprisoned in the cave as her paramour was not acceptable to her father. Her beloved one was imprisoned nearby, in Huliba Cave (Tunnel of Love), but both lovers managed to meet underground. Both reportedly died in the cave and their spirit vanished into heaven through the holes in the roof of the cave.[1]


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Coordinates: 12°29′00″N 69°55′00″W / 12.4833°N 69.9167°W / 12.4833; -69.9167