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A quadrathlon (or quadriathlon) is an endurance sports event composed of four individual disciplines. All four disciplines are completed in succession and the lowest overall time decides the winner.

The World Quadrathlon Federation defines that a quadrathlon consists of

Sprint Distance Short Distance Long Distance
swimming 0,75 kilometers 1,5 km 4 km
kayaking 4 km 8 km 20 km
cycling 20 km 40 km 100 km
running 5 km 10 km 21 km

in any order, though usually as above.

The distances, time duration and events depending on the organizing body, the location of the event and the time of year. During the winter months snowshoes and cross country skiing may replace running and swimming respectively.

In Great Britain, the governing body is the British Quadrathlon Association (BQA).

The World Quadrathlon Federation has stated aim is to provide and promote International awareness for the sport of Quadrathlon. "Quadrathlon adds flatwater kayaking to the sport of triathlon to create a balanced test of fitness."

World Cup[edit]

The World Quadrathlon Federation's World Cup has been running since 2001, and constitutes a series of races in multiple countries. The scoring method for the series takes the four best results for each athlete, awarding points based on position. Each athlete can enter as many races as they choose. This method allows participation for as large a number of people as possible, given the cup's geographic spread. The 2013 cup, which finished with the Bude Awesome Foursome, was won by Stefan Teichert in the men's category and Lisa Maria Hirschfelder in the women's, both of Germany.

European Championships[edit]

The 2013 European Championships was held in the UK in Lincolnshire and was won by Steve Clark from Great Britain and Lisa Maria Hirschfelder from Germany.

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