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This article is about the beer. For other meanings, see Quadruple.
Bottle of La Trappe Quadrupel

Quadrupel is the brand name of a strong seasonal beer La Trappe Quadrupel brewed by De Koningshoeven Brewery in the Netherlands, one of the four Trappist brewing abbeys not in Belgium (the others are the Engelszell Abbey in Austria, Spencer Abbey in the United States, and Zundert from Maria Toevlucht Abbey in the Netherlands). In other countries, particularly the United States, 'quadrupel' or 'quad' may refer to an especially strong style of dark ale, with a characteristic spicy, ripe fruit flavor.[1][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

A quadrupel is intended to be stronger than a Tripel, so the ABV strength will be 10% or more. Beyond that, there is little agreement on the status of Quadrupel as a style.[9] Beer writer Tim Webb notes that similar beers are also called 'Grand Cru' in Belgium.[10]

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