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Qualitas Career Academy
Qualitas Career Academy logo.png
Motto Quality Education
Established 2008
Type Private College
Location Bloemfontein[1]
Kimberley [2][3]
Table View
Affiliations UMALUSI
Quality Council of Trades & Occupations
Services SETA
Microsoft IT Academy
Institute of Business Studies (IBS)
Chartered Institute of Business Management (CIBM)
Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB)
City & Guilds
Health & Welfare SETA
Sage Pastel
Department of Higher Education and Training

Qualitas Career Academy is a private college in South Africa, with campuses in various provinces.[8] The institution delivers attendance/contact-based tuition in two modalities; full-time and part-time. Full-time curriculum is aimed at high school graduates/students acquiring their first qualification. The part-time curriculum centres on skills and knowledge required by those already employed. Training and consultation services are presented to the private and government sector. [9]



In terms of the Bill of Rights encapsulated within the Constitution of South Africa, a private college may be established,[10] as long as it:

  • does not discriminate on the basis of race
  • registers with the State
  • and maintains standards that are not inferior to standards at comparable public educational institutions

The business entity was established in 1998. In 2008 its academic division, the "Hair Academy" piloted hairdressing training and hairdressing apprenticeships. By 2010 Qualitas had established itself as a national brand focusing on the Hair Academy, with sites in different provinces. The model for establishing a career-based, employment-orientated educational programme with a multi-site reach would eventually form the basis for future developments and additional vocational training programmes. [8]

To introduce the brand, Qualitas Career Academy partnered with vendors of established qualifications and provided tuition towards qualifications conferred by external bodies with a history of recognition and acceptance in South Africa, and abroad. This approach enabled the business to rapidly develop a variety of products without writing curriculum from scratch. The result from this strategy put the academic divisions the "Business and Technology Academy" and the "Wellness Academy" in a position to provide multiple further and higher education qualifications that were recognised in the Republic of South Africa and internationally (including most countries of the Commonwealth and the United States of America).

Strategy of aligning programmes to jobs[edit]

With all private educational institutes in South Africa required to be accredited by law,[11] and there being published guidelines and standards for qualifications,[12] Qualitas Career Academy identified that many institutions were offering exactly the same qualifications and curriculum. However, employment statistics of the country had not necessarily reflected stable improvement over the past five years, apart from splinter sectors confined to limited periods of time (for example, tourism and construction prior and during the 2010 FIFA World Cup). [13]

In line with the national strategy for further education and training colleges, it was identified that there is a need to improve graduates' chances of being absorbed by the employment market. [8][14] In 2012, Qualitas Career Academy adopted an academic strategy of extra-curricular methodologies aimed at factors that identified to yield higher levels of employment post-graduation. The outcome of these activities form part of an ongoing longitudinal study that aims to collect data on the efficacy of the methods used, through surveys conducted at the annual graduation ceremony.

Academic divisions[edit]

By 2012, Qualitas Career Academy was represented in strategic economic hubs of South Africa, with different academic divisions, including:

  • Business & Technology Academy
  • Hair Academy
  • Health Academy
  • School of Architectural Draughtsmanship and Construction
  • Wellness Academy

Each Academy forms an academic division, based on Qualitas Career Academy's initial business model of creating an educational institution that focuses on education aligned with careers.


In South Africa, an institute providing private education is required to be accredited. This accreditation should be specific to the institution, site of delivery as well as the actual qualification or part qualification offered. Qualitas Career Academy holds accreditation with the following South African Organisations regulated by acts of parliament that govern education.

  • DHET: The Department of Higher Education and Training
  • UMALUSI: The Quality Council for General and Further Education & Training [15]
  • QCTO: The Quality Council for Trades and Occupations
  • SSETA: Services Sectoral Education & Training Authority.[16]
  • MICT SETA: Media and Information & Communication Technologies Sectoral Education & Training Authority. [17]
  • HWSETA: The Health & Welfare Sectoral Education & Training Authority
  • ICB: Institute of Certified Bookkeepers
  • PAB: Professional Accreditation Body
  • IBS: The Institute of Business Studies

Endorsements / delivery site[edit]

Various bodies with influence in specific fields of learning also endorse or co-certify certain qualifications or part-qualifications. In other cases, an institute in South Africa acts as a site of delivery for an external tertiary organisation, and that institution approves the training centre and certifies. Such bodies would themselves be required by law to be accredited by or quality assurance partners of the statuary accreditation structures.

  • CIBM: The Chartered Institute of Business Studies
  • PMSA: Project Management South Africa (Gold)
  • Sage PASTEL
  • SAIM: South African Institute of Management

International accreditation / affiliations[edit]

Various organisations with influence in specialised fields of learning also endorse, examine and/or co-certify certain qualifications or part-qualifications.


In 2013 a fake campus was established in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. An investigation by the Middelburg Observer revealed that owner of Damelin Middelburg altered his business logos and masqueraded as a licensed campus of Qualitas Career Academy in January to March of 2013. Investigative journalist, Jana Botha would later establish that there was in fact no affiliation to Qualitas Career Academy.[24] The fraud was discovered during the investigation into a spate illegal activities by the perpetrator concerned. [25]


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