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QualiTest Group is an independent global software testing company based in Fairfield, CT. In 2012 and 2013 QualiTest was recognized by Nelson Hall as the world’s second largest independent pure play testing company.[1] QualiTest was established in Israel by Ayal Zylberman and Eli Margoling in 1997. Since then, the Company has grown to over 1,600 employees and has established test centers across the USA, Europe, the Middle-East, India and Australia.[2] Past clientele range from small companies and local groups to large businesses and Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, Sirius XM, and Fuji Medical.

Business Model[edit]

QualiTest is based on the idea of providing results-based testing services to various industries, meaning customers are expected to pay for what they get and not how long the testing takes. Under the motto "software testing is all that we do," QualiTest aims to provide customers with a wide range of testing that covers different segments and methodologies according to the customer's needs.

In addition, QualiTest relies heavily on their "Results-Based Testing" business model, an alternative pricing system which allows companies to pay for the bugs which are detected, instead of for time spent on a project. This was adopted in response to dissatisfaction which clients expressed toward the pricing structure employed by most testing companies, and has led to higher customer satisfaction and better accuracy in bug detection.

Testing occurs in some combination of the following locations:

  • Off-Site
  • On-Shore
  • Off-Shore

This exemplifies what QualiTest calls "Right-Shore Testing," and it is determined between QualiTest and the client based on the company's needs.


QualiTest offers the following services:[3]

  • Results Based Testing (RBT)
  • Quality assurance & testing outsourcing
  • Flexible testing staffing
  • Test Process Improvement (TPI)
  • Test Automation
  • Load & performance testing
  • Full service testing and analysis laboratory
  • Testing tools and equipment
  • Application testing services

ICD-10 Testing System[edit]

After a survey revealed that many Health Care IT professionals were unprepared or under-prepared for the incoming ICD-10 transition, QualiTest began developing an intensive solution for the testing concerns inherent to such a switch. One integral part of this was the creation of a dual-coded, peer reviewed medical records called the "Golden Data Set," which allows for a streamlined transition process. Along with this, QualiTest developed test automation accelerators and acceleration labs to assist in the automation process for healthcare IT professionals.


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