Quarterback Princess

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Quarterback Princess
Quarterback Princess.jpg
Format Drama
Distributed by CBS
Directed by Noel Black
Produced by Gary Goodman
Barry Rosen
Written by Rod Browning
Starring Helen Hunt
Don Murray
Barbara Babcock
Dana Elcar
Music by James Di Pasquale
Cinematography Isidore Mankofsky
Editing by Tom Stevens
Production company CBS Entertainment Production
Country United States
Language English
Original channel CBS
Release date United States December 3, 1983
Running time 96 min.

Quarterback Princess is a 1983 fact-based drama film by 20th Century Fox that chronicles the courage and determination of a teenage girl who struggles against sexism and fights to play on her high school football team. It was filmed primarily in McMinnville, Oregon. Because of legal issues, various signs were modified to say "Minnville."

Plot synopsis[edit]

Tami Maida wants to play quarterback for the high school football team. However, because she is a girl, everyone from the coach to her next door neighbor is against her. Tami goes out to prove that not only can she play football but she can win the state championship.

Not only does Tami succeed, she also becomes the homecoming queen.


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