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This article is about the fictional family. For other topics with the name Quartermain(e), see Quartermain (disambiguation).
Quartermaine family
General Hospital and The City family
Quartermaine Thanksgiving.jpg
The Quartermaine family with their traditional pizza Thanksgiving dinner
Type Fictional family
Created by Douglas Marland
Origin General Hospital
Original run September 13, 1977—
Address Quartermaine Mansion
66 Harbor View Road
Port Charles, New York

The Quartermaine family is a fictional family from the ABC soap opera, General Hospital. Created and introduced by Douglas Marland, the wealthy and eccentric family has been a continuous staple[1] on General Hospital since their introduction in the 1970s.[2] The Quartermaines were first introduced in 1977, when Stuart Damon originated the role of Alan Quartermaine.[2] His parents and sister were next to be brought on canvas. Anna Lee originated matriarch Lila Quartermaine, with David Lewis being the first to play her husband Edward. Jane Elliot was cast as sharp-talking Tracy.[2] The family owned business, ELQ Industries, named for the family's patriarch, Edward Louis Quartermaine, has been the center of several conflicts within the family. The family is currently represented by Tracy, Monica, Ned, Skye, Jason, Maya, Dillon, Brook Lynn, Michael, Lila Rae and Danny.


The Quartermaines are notorious for their socialite status as well as their dysfunctional tendencies.[3] Prone to comedic fights, they annually attempt to have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner only for it to be ruined and have to order pizza.[4] At Christmas time, the family has been known for their annual Christmas reading at the Hospital's Pediatric Ward Christmas party, ever since the passing of former Chief of Staff Steve Hardy, until the party remained to be aired. In a 1992 interview, Stuart Damon described the family:

Once an integral part of major storyline arcs,[5] the Quartermaines have seen a diminishing amount of screen time[6] since 2006, and many characters of the family have died on-screen.[5][7][8] Entertainment website Zap2it named the family to their list of Top 10 Travesties of 2007, stating: "No. 3: The Systematic Extermination of the Quartermaine family."[9] The website speculated head writer at the time Robert Guza, Jr. was to blame, as they stated as No. 10 on their list of Top 10 Rivalries of 2007: "Guza vs. the Quartermaines and Their Fans: No battle on our list, save Viki vs. Dorian, has been fought for as long or as hard as Guza vs. the Quartermaine family and the fans who support them. The actors who portray(ed) Lila (until she died), Edward, and Alan were all fired at least once before fan outrage and campaigns brought them back in some form. The actors who portray(ed) Ned, Lois, Brook Lynn, AJ, Emily and Justus saw their characters written off or killed."[10]

Family members[edit]

Characters currently on the show are noted in bold; family members through marriage are in italics. Only current spouses or those married at the time of their death appear here.


Percival Quartermaine - Brother of Constance Quartermaine. Sailed from England to America on the ship the Courage to start a shipping company in the 1700s. When the Courage was attacked and sunk by pirates in 1704 Percival managed to make it to shore.

First generation[edit]

  • Edgar Quartermaine
    • Martha Quartermaine

Second generation[edit]

  • George Quartermaine - Son of Edgar and Martha.
    • Ida Zemlock
  • Harold Morgan - Father of Lila and Hal.

Third generation[edit]

Fourth generation[edit]

Fifth generation[edit]

Sixth generation[edit]


ELQ (Edward Louis Quartermaine Industries/Enterprises/International) is a multinational conglomerate headquartered in Port Charles. Owned by the wealthy Quartermaine Family, it is the one of the largest businesses in the region. Since 1978, Edward Quartermaine has been the sole owner. It is a rival company with nearby Chandler Enterprises and Buchanan Enterprises.



These people own a certain percentage of the common stock in ELQ.

12% Shareholders

6% Shareholders

5% Shareholders

These people own a certain percentage of the preferred stock in ELQ.

Current CEO[edit]

Former CEO[edit]

Current Employees[edit]

Former Employees[edit]

Current Shareholder/Board Member[edit]

  • Lila Rae Alcazar - Voting stockholder (6%) [in control of Skye Chandler-Quartermaine]
  • Brook Lynn Ashton - Voting stockholder (6%)
  • Ned Ashton - Former CEO; voting stockholder (12%)
  • Skye Chandler-Quartermaine - Former CEO, former board member, voting stockholder (12%), controls Lila Rae Alcazar's voting stock (6%)
  • Lucy Coe - Former Co-CEO, non-voting stockholder (1%)
  • Michael Corinthos - CEO; former junior executive; voting stockholder (6%)
  • Alice Gunderson - Former honorary Vice President, former security adviser, voting stockholder (5%)
  • Danny Morgan - Voting stockholder (6%) [in control of Sam Morgan who gave A.J. and Tracy Quartermaine each half via proxy]
  • Jason Morgan - Voting stockholder (12%), non-voting stockholder [in control of Sam Morgan who gave A.J. and Tracy Quartermaine each half via proxy]
  • Sam Morgan - Former employee, controls Jason and Danny Morgan's voting stock (18%) [gave half each via proxy to A.J. and Tracy Quartermaine]
  • Dillon Quartermaine - Former employee; voting stockholder (12%)
  • Monica Quartermaine - Voting stockholder (5%), non-voting stockholder
  • Tracy Quartermaine - Former CEO; board member; non-voting stockholder
  • Maya Ward - Voting stockholder (6%)

Former Shareholder/Board Member[edit]

Family trees[edit]


Lines Boxes
  • Dashed = Romance/Marriage
  • Solid = Child
Character is currently on the Show
Character not on the Show
Character is deceased or presumed dead

Edgar Quartermaine
Martha Quartermaine
Unknown Quartermaine
Unknown woman
George Quartermaine
Ida Zemlock
Unknown woman
Herbert Quartermaine
Unknown Quartermaine
Unknown person
Lila Morgan
Edward Quartermaine
Mary Mae Ward
Beatrice LeSeur
Quentin Quartermaine
Betsy Quartermaine
Alexandria Quartermaine
Larry Ashton
Tracy Quartermaine
Paul Hornsby
Isobel Ward
Bradley Ward
Jimmy Lee Holt
Susan Moore
Alan Quartermaine
Monica Bard
Rae Cummings
Celia Quartermaine
Lois Cerullo
Ned Ashton
Dillon Quartermaine
Faith Ward
Unknown Richardson
Justus Ward
Sam McCall
Jason Morgan
Elizabeth Webber
A. J. Quartermaine
Carly Benson
Skye Quartermaine
Lorenzo Alcazar
Emily Quartermaine
Brook Lynn Ashton
Maya Ward
Daniel Morgan
Jake Spencer
Michael Corinthos
Lila Rae Alcazar


Edgar Quartermaine (deceased)
m. Martha Quartermaine (deceased)
  c. Unknown man (deceased)
    m. Unknown woman
      c. Herbert Quartermaine (died 1983)
        m. Unknown woman
          c. Quentin Quartermaine 
            m. Unnamed woman (widowed)
              c. Celia Quartermaine
                m. Grant Andrews [1983; divorced]
                m. Jimmy Lee Holt [1983–86; divorced]
            m. Betsy Quartermaine [divorced]
  c. George Quartermaine (deceased)
    m. Ida Zemlock (deceased)
      c. Unknown man (deceased)
        m. Unknown woman
          c. Alexandria Quartermaine (died 1981)
      c. Edward Quartermaine (born 1918; died 2012)
        a. Mary Mae Ward (deceased)
          c. Bradley Ward (born 1945; died 1974)
            m. Isobel Ward [dissolved]
              c. Justus Ward (born 1967; died 2006)
              c. Faith Ward (born 1969)
                a. Unknown first name Richardson
                  c. Maya Ward
                    m. Ethan Lovett [2010–11; divorced]
            a. Kylie Quindland 
              c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
        m. Lila Morgan [August 6, 1946–83; invalid, 1983-2004; dissolved]
          c. Alan Quartermaine (born 1945; died 2007)
            c. Skye Chandler {adopted} (born 1967)
              m. Tom Cudahy [1988; divorced]
              m. Jonathan Kinder [199?–96; divorced]
              m. Ben Davidson [1998–99; divorced]
              m. Jasper Jacks [2002–03; divorced]
              a. Lorenzo Alcazar
                c. Lila Rae Alcazar (born 2006)
            m. Monica Quartermaine [1978–90; divorced]
              c. A. J. Quartermaine (born 1979; revised to 1972; died 2014)
                a. Carly Benson
                  c. Michael Corinthos (born 1997; revised to 1990) {adopted by Sonny Corinthos}
                m. Carly Benson [1999–2000; divorced]
                m. Courtney Matthews [2000–06; widowed]
            a. Susan Moore (born 1956; died 1983)
              c. Jason Morgan (born 1981; revised to 1974) {adopted by Monica}
                m. Brenda Barrett [2002–03; annulled]
                m. Courtney Matthews [2003–04; divorced]
                  c. Unnamed child (miscarriage)
                a. Elizabeth Webber
                  c. Jake Spencer (born 2007; died 2011)
                m. Sam McCall [2011—]
                  c. Daniel Morgan (born 2012)
            m. Lucy Coe [1990–91; divorced]
            m. Monica Quartermaine [1991–2007; dissolved]
              c. Emily Quartermaine (born 1984; died 2007) {adopted}
                m. Zander Smith [divorced; 2003] (died 2004)
                m. Nikolas Cassadine [divorced; 2004–05, engaged; 2007]
          c. Tracy Quartermaine (born 1947)
            m. Larry Ashton [divorced]
              c. Ned Ashton (born 1966)
                m. Dawn Winthrop [1990; annulled]
                m. Jenny Eckert [1992–93; divorced]
                m. Lois Cerullo [1994; divorced]
                m. Katherine Bell [1994; invalid]
                m. Lois Cerullo [1995–1999; divorced]
                  c. Brook Lynn Ashton (born 1996, revised to 1987)
                m. Chloe Morgan [2000; divorced]
            m. Mitch Williams [1979–80; divorced]
            m. Paul Hornsby [1991–94; divorced]
              c. Dillon Quartermaine (born 1992, revised to 1987)
                a. Lulu Spencer
                  c. Unnamed child (abortion)
            m. Gino Soleito [1999; annulled]
            m. Gino Soleito [2000; dissolved]
            m. Luke Spencer [2005–10; invalid]
            m. Luke Spencer [2010–11; divorced]
            m. Anthony Zacchara [2012; dissolved]
        a. Beatrice LeSeur (died 1984)
          c. Jimmy Lee Holt
            m. Celia Quartermaine [1983–86; divorced]
            m. Charity Gatlin [1987–present; married]
        m. Lila Morgan [March 24, 1983 – 2004; dissolved]
        m. Heather Webber [2004; annulled]


  • According to Mary Mae, she has seven grandchildren; two of them are from Bradley.
  • Keesha may have more than one brother, however, only Roy has appeared.
  • The remaining grandchildren are Idios's children with her husband who have never been mentioned.

Claudius Courtnee
Mae Courtnee
Unknown woman
Henry Courtnee
Mr. Courtnee
Miriam Courtnee
Unnamed brothers
Dan Ward
Mary Mae Courtnee
Edward Quartermaine
Buddy Powers
Idios Ward
Isobel Ward
Bradley Ward
David Ward
Margaret Ward
Justus Ward
Unknown man
Faith Ward
Roy Ward
Keesha Ward
Maya Ward


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