Quartieri Spagnoli

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Quartieri Spagnoli

Quartieri Spagnoli (Spanish Quarters) is a part of the city of Naples in Italy. The Neapolitan language is stronger here than anywhere else. It is a poor area, suffering from high unemployment and strong influence of Camorra. The area, encompassing c. 800,000 square metres, consists of a grid of around eighteen streets by twelve, including a population of some 14,000 inhabitants.

The Quartieri' were created in the 16th to house Spanish garrisons, hence the name, whose role was to quench revolts from the Neapolitan population. Soon they became an infamous quarter with a high rate of criminality and prostitution.

The area has among the highest rates of respiratory diseases, unemployment and youth crime in Europe. The housing in the Quartieri Spagnoli consists usually six storied blocks with a roof terrace and a central courtyard. The width of the average street is about 3 metres.

A busy, narrow street in the Spanish Quarters

Among the historic churches in the district are:

Coordinates: 40°50′27″N 14°14′47″E / 40.84083°N 14.24639°E / 40.84083; 14.24639