Quartz Mountain Resort Arts and Conference Center

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The entrance to the main building at the resort.
The Twin Peaks Performance Hall as seen overlooking the main building.

The Quartz Mountain Resort Arts and Conference Center is a resort located 17 miles north of Altus in the Wichita Mountains of southwestern Oklahoma near the Texas border in the town of Lone Wolf, Oklahoma. The resort was built by the state of Oklahoma and opened March 8, 2001.[1]

Two-hundred-and-fifty students between the ages of fourteen and eighteen are selected for the Oklahoma Summer Arts Institute annually and spend two weeks at Quartz Mountain living in cabins and lodges focusing on their area of discipline. They study with well-known Oklahoma Artists. Auditions take place at the beginning of the year; accepted students receive letters dictating their selection in mid-April.[1]

The cost of attendance is very low due to extensive funding by the Oklahoma government and private donors.

The current disciplines are: Creative Writing, Orchestra, Chorus, Painting and Drawing, Acting, Ballet, Modern Dance, Photography, and Film.

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