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The Sirius is a synthesizer with hybrid tone generator referred to as DTE ('Difficult To Explain') synthesis [1] introduced in 1997 by Quasimidi. It also features a vocoder, both conventional and step sequencers and a built-in drum machine. It is 7x multitimbral (3 drum sounds, 1 multisampled drumkit and 3 synthesizer parts), and has 28-note polyphony.

The DTE synthesis method combines a basic sample playback tone generator with virtual analog-like controls. While some of the waveforms are sampled instruments, most of them are merely single-cycle samples of periodic waveforms common in analog modelling synthesizers. Though technically a rompler, the Sirius has features and limitations not commonly found on such synthesizers such as oscillator detune control on the front panel and the requirement to use the same waveform on both oscillators, and thus while not entirely accurate, it is most often referred to as a virtual analog synthesizer.

See also[edit]

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