Qubool Hai

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Qubool Hai
Genre Indian Daily Soap
Created by Mrinal Jha (Undercover Productions Ltd)
Gul Khan
Written by Jainesh Ejardar
Faizal Akhtar
Divya Sharma
Aparajita Sharma
Directed by Gul Khan
Lalit Mohan
Arshad Khan
Starring See Below
Country of origin India
Original language(s) Hindustani language
Producer(s) Gul Khan
Nissar Parvez(4 lions)
Location(s) Bhopal, MP, India, Powai, Hiranandani
Cinematography Hrishikesh Gandhi
Camera setup Multi-camera
Running time 20 minutes (approx)
Production company(s) 4 Lions Films
Divine Multimedia[1]
Original channel Zee TV
Geo TV(Pakistan)
Original run October 29, 2012 – Present
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Qubool Hai (English: I Accept) is a soap opera on Zee TV produced by 4 Lions Films. The show focuses on the Muslim community and aims to dispel stereotypes regarding Islam,[1] and has been credited with leading the way for more Muslim oriented programming.[2] The story was based in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India and has been now shifted to Punjab, India in April 2014 after the 20 year leap focusing on the life of Asad and Zoya's daughter, Sanam.

Plot summary[edit]

Qubool hai revoles around three individuals: Asad Ahmed Khan, Ayaan Ahmed Khan, and Zoya Farooqi.

Zoya Farooqui is a US based Indian Muslim who comes to Bhopal with her cousin Zeenat and brother-in-law Anwar where she is to get married. At her wedding, Zoya runs away from the venue, not ready for marriage. Wanting to find her father, she decides to stay in Bhopal and stays as a guest in the Khan house.

Asad Khan is a very traditional and disciplined man, and dislikes Zoya's care-free nature and messy, immature habits. Zoya's actions anger Asad, who misunderstands her frequently while her intentions are innocent. Eventually, Asad's childhood friend Tanveer is introduced, and it is soon revealed that she is evil. Tanveer wants a rich husband and Asad is the perfect choice. Zoya learns of Tanveer's intentions but is forced to stay silent as no one will believe her without proof. After a series of incidents, Asad and Zoya fall for each other. Zoya reveals that she wants to marry Asad but Tanveer intervenes with many traps. After a series of incidents, Asad finally discovers Tanveer's true face, an evil woman on her attempt to kill Zoya. Tanveer's plans fail and peace comes to Khan Ville.

In the Siddiqui house, we come to know that years ago, Raziya killed a woman in Rashid Khan's doll factory, and the woman is Zoya's mother and she is Gaffur's illegitimate daughter.

Humaira had always loved Ayaan, but Ayaan always considered her his best friend. They have a fight and Humeira leaves the house on the idea of her mom Raziya. No one hears anything about Humeira and Ayaan desperately searches for her as the police brings Humera back home. Humera, however has a trauma and thinks she is being Rajni, a married Hindu women. After some time a fake Vikram comes across whom Humeira considers as her husband. Ayaan reveals Vikram's fake identity and tells Rajni that she is Humeira. Humeira, later recalls her old memories and is hurt at first but happy later when Ayaan promises to marry her.

On Zoya and Asad's third attempt of marriage, Tanveer hires goons to kill Zoya and at the same time fake Vikram comes to kill Ayaan. Both escape and get into a community marriage where they get married accidentally. Ayaan and Zoya try to hide their mariage but fail. As a result Zoya is forced to stay back at Siddiqui Mansion. After a few months, Asad goes to the Siddiqui mansion and claims Zoya as his love Shirin tries to hamper her from going with Asad.

After a series of incidents, Rashid has an accident and decides to get Dilshad to Siddiqui Mansion. Ayaan, angry at the decison leaves the house. Finally, Asad and Zoya get married and are the happy children of twins. Zoya gets to know that Siddiqui is her father and Zoya's mother's murder was implicated by him. Two years later, Zoya forgives her father and he meets the family at Asad and Zoya's twins' bithday, Sanam and Seher. Tanveer comes back in their lifes to take revenge of Asad and Zoya by sending her to jail after she killed Rashid. She kills the whole family except from the twins and Najma's daughter whom Dilshad manages to run away with. Season 1 ends there with showing Asad and Zoya dead bodies and season 2 begins with Sanam's life as an adult.


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Shraddha Bhandari, writing for IBN in December 2013, stated that Qubool Hai was typical of "All serials start off brilliantly with immense promise and somewhere in the middle they get lost in the maze of TRPs, cheap publicity and making what sells.[4] Bhandari had appreciated that the series had started with " Zoya Farooqui was a jeans wearing, very modern women, raised in the US, yet very close to her culture and roots. The story moved on with her clashes with the very orthodox, Asad Ahmed Khan and how she changed his conservative thinking and start of their love story." but stated that "the serial became lost in multitude of vamps, warring families, crude language and events that in real life are unfathomable. Slowly it lost its creativity and that eventually drained the morale of the leading cast".[4]

In 2013 Qubool Hai won the Indian Television Academy Awards for Best Serial,[6] while Karan Singh Grover won the award for Best Actor.[7]


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