Quebec City Military Tattoo

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Quebec City Military Tattoo

The Quebec City Military Tattoo is an annual military tattoo that takes place in Quebec City, the capital of the Canadian province of Quebec. Part of the Quebec City International Festival of Military Bands (FIMMQ), since 2005 the Quebec City Military Tattoo stages colourful and exotic performances, presenting a music show with choreographies and multi-media effects. This event gathers all countries that are participating at the FIMMQ. Military musicians present a stunning gathering of drums and pipes and the musical mass performances which can count 1200 musicians. In 2008, for the 400th anniversary of Quebec City, 25 formations took part in the show.

The first show to be held in Quebec City was in 1967 as part of Canadian Armed Forces Tattoo 1967, for the 100th anniversary of Canadian confederation. It had been organised by the Canadian Army.

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