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Quebecor Inc.
Traded as TSXQBR.A
Industry diversified media and broadcasting
Founded 1965[1]
Headquarters Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Key people
Pierre Karl Péladeau, Brian Mulroney, Pierre Dion, Pierre Laurin, Erik Péladeau
Services Advertising
Revenue $9.822 billion CAN (Decrease1% FY 2007)
Profit $94 million CAN
Number of employees
15,500 (2009)
Divisions Groupe Archambault
Le SuperClub Vidéotron
Sun Media
TVA Group

Quebecor Inc. is a communications company based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Before 2012, it was spelled Quebecor (without acute accent) in both English and French, however in May 2012 shareholders voted to add the acute accent, Québecor, in French only.[2][3][4]

It was founded by Pierre Péladeau, and remains run by his family. Quebecor Inc. owns 75% of Quebecor Media and also formerly owned the printing company Quebecor World.[citation needed]

Quebecor Media[edit]

Main article: Quebecor Media

Quebecor Media Inc. is a broadcasting, communications and publishing company which operates various subsidiaries:

  • Sun Media (newspapers) (includes the former Osprey Media)
  • TVA Group (broadcasting, publishing & production)
  • Vidéotron (cable television and internet service provider)
  • Canoe Inc. (internet websites including portal and
  • MediaPages (print and online directories)
  • TVA Publishing Inc. (largest magazine publishing company in Quebec)
  • Quebecor Media Book Group (book publishing companies)
  • Archambault stores (books, music and video)
  • Distribution Select (distributor of CDs and videos)
  • Le SuperClub Vidéotron (Movie rental stores)
  • Nurun Inc. (interactive agency)


Quebecor headquarters in Downtown Montreal

The company has also recently began a push towards sports; it acquired the naming rights and a management contract for the New Quebec City Amphitheatre, has backed a proposed National Hockey League expansion franchise in Quebec City (which would bring the NHL back to the city for the first time since the Quebec Nordiques were relocated in 1995, and would play at the new arena), and launched a TVA-branded sports network in 2011.[3][5]

Corporate governance[edit]

Current members of the board of directors of Quebecor Inc. are:[6] Françoise Bertrand, Jean La Couture, Sylvie Lalande, Pierre Laurin, A. Michel Lavigne, Geneviève Marcon, Brian Mulroney, and Normand Provost.

Mulroney is to become chair of the board effective June 2014 while Laurin is to become vice-chairman and Pierre Dion, CEO.[7]


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