Queen's Own Hussars

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Queen's Own Hussars
Queen's Own Hussars crest & tie colours.png
Crest and tie colours of the Queen's Own Hussars
Active 1958-1992
Country United Kingdom
Branch Army
Type Royal Armoured Corps
Role Light Cavalry
Size 1 Regiment
Patron Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother (1900 - 2002)
Motto Nec Aspera Terrent (Latin, Nor do difficulties deter)
March (Canter) The Campbells Are Coming
(Trot) Encore
(Quick) Light Cavalry, Robert the Devil and Bannocks o'Barley Meal
(Inspection) The Dettigen March
(Slow) The 3rd Hussars Slow March and Garb of Old Gaul
Mascot Drum Horse
Anniversaries Waterloo Day; Dettigen Day; Colonel in Chief's Birthday; El Alamein Day.

The Queen's Own Hussars, normally referred to by the abbreviation QOH, was a cavalry regiment of the British Army, formed from the amalgamation of the 3rd The King's Own Hussars and the 7th Queen's Own Hussars at Candahar Barracks, Tidworth in 1958.

The regiment was posted to Aden in 1967, and to Hohne, Germany in 1970. It was stationed at Hobart Barracks, Detmold from 1977 to 1983 as part of 4th Armoured Division. During the 70s and 80s, the regiment spent time in Canada training for the impending Russian invasion, but it also undertook a number of tours of Northern Ireland.

The regiment was amalgamated with The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars on 1 September 1993, to form The Queen's Royal Hussars (The Queen's Own and Royal Irish).


The regiment remained in England until 1960, with one squadron serving in Aden. It was bought back together as the armoured regiment of the 6th Infantry Brigade at Munster in northern Germany. It moved to Detmold two years later and back to Catterick in 1965, except for "A" Squadron, which became the first Berlin Armoured Squadron. 1967 was a very busy year for the regiment; it was converted to an armoured reconnaissance regiment and deployed to keep the fragile peace in Aden, where members of the regiment were awarded one MC and six mentions in despatches.

The following two years saw the regiment blown to the four corners of the globe, with independent squadrons serving in Singapore, Hong Kong, Maresfield and Cyprus. The Queen's Own Hussars converted back to an armoured regiment in 1970, and was posted to Hohne as part of the 7th Armoured Brigade for four years, in which time it completed two tours of Northern Ireland - one in armoured cars and the latter on foot. In 1974, the regiment relocated to Bovington for two years, then Detmold for seven years punctuated by another two tours of Northern Ireland, returning to England in 1983.

The final move as a complete regiment was back out to Hohne in 1985, from where it completed a United Nations tour of Cyprus in 1990. In 1993, shortly before the amalgamation, the regiment had two large independent squadrons, one serving in Cyprus as an armoured reconnaissance unit, the other as the Maze prison guard force in Northern Ireland.[1]

Colonels of the Regiment[edit]

  • Major-General R Younger CB CBE DSO MC DL JP
  • Colonel Sir Douglas Scott Bt
  • Brigadier DH Davies MC
  • Lieutenant-General Sir Patrick Howard-Dobson GCB ADC Gen
  • Colonel M Fox MC
  • Lieutenant-General Sir Robin Carnegie KCB OBE
  • Brigadier JWF Rucker[2]

Commanding Officers of the Regiment[edit]

  • Lieutenant-Colonel DB Wormald DSO MC
  • Lieutenant-Colonel DH Davies MC
  • Lieutenant-Colonel M Fox MC
  • Lieutenant-Colonel PJ Howard-Dobson
  • Lieutenant-Colonel AML Hogge
  • Lieutenant-Colonel RM Carnegie OBE
  • Lieutenant-Colonel MB Pritchard
  • Lieutenant-Colonel JB Venner MC
  • Lieutenant-Colonel JWF Rucker
  • Lieutenant-Colonel RDHH Greenwood
  • Lieutenant-Colonel HM Sandars
  • Lieutenant-Colonel JJJ Phipps
  • Lieutenant-Colonel DJM Jenkins BA
  • Lieutenant-Colonel RS Fox
  • Lieutenant-Colonel CWM Carter OBE
  • Lieutenant-Colonel MR Bromley Gardner[2]


Nov 1958 - Jul 1960 - Tidworth as Armoured Regiment of 3rd Division.
Mar 1959 - Jul 1960 - A Sqn at Warminster as Demonstration Squadron to School of Infantry.
Feb 1960 - Dec 1960 - C Sqn based in Aden whilst carrying out Desert Trials and Combined Service Amphibious exercises in and around the Persian Gulf area.
Jul 1960 - Jul 1962 - Armoured Regiment of 6th Infantry Brigade Group at Munster.
Jul 1962 - Feb 1965 - Regiment served as Armoured Regiment in 20th Armoured Brigade Group at Detmold.
Feb 1965 - Feb 1967 - RAC Training Regiment, Catterick. A Sqn served as Independent Armoured Squadron in Berlin.
Feb 1967 - Jul 1967 - Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment at Maresfield.
Jul 1967 - Nov 1967 - Aden on Active service (less B Sqn). (One MC and 6 Mentions In Dispatches awarded.)
Jul 1967 - Mar 1968 - B Sqn stationed at Sharjah, Persian Gulf.
Nov 1967 - Oct 1968 - Maresfield as part of 2nd Infantry Brigade.
Oct 1968 - Aug 1970 - Advance RHQ and A Sqn at Singapore. C Sqn in Hong Kong. Main RHQ, B and HQ Sqn at Maresfield.
Jun 1969 - Dec 1969 - B Sqn served with United Nations Forces in Cyprus.
Aug 1970 - Converted to an Armoured Regiment and moved to Hohne to form part of 7th Armoured Brigade.
Feb 1972 - May 1972 - RHQ and A Sqn to N. Ireland, S. Armagh, as part of Eastern Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment.
Jun 1973 - Oct 1973 - Belfast, N. Ireland, in the infantry role as part of 39 Infantry Brigade.
Sep 1974 - Bovington as RAC Centre Regiment. B Sqn Warminster, School of Infantry.
May 1976 - Detmold, BAOR. Part of 20th Armoured Brigade Group.
May 1977 - Sep 1977 - N. Ireland Tour, Armagh. A Sqn detached to Cookstown. Rear party remained in Detmold.
Jun 1979 - Oct 1979 - N. Ireland Tour, Belfast, two large dismounted squadrons in the infantry role. RHQ at Fort Monagh, A Sqn at the Woodbourne Hotel, B Sqn in Glasmullen, and HQ Sqn Echelon at Musgrave Park.
Apr 1983 - RAC Training Regiment at Catterick. D Sqn served as Independent Armoured Squadron in Berlin.
Sep 1983 - Mar 1984 - Recce Troop detached to Belize, Central America, as Force Armoured Reconnaissance Troop.
Sep 1984 - Mar 1985 - Recce Troop detached to Belize, Central America, as Force Armoured Reconnaissance Troop.
Jun 1985 - Hohne, 22nd Armoured Brigade
Jan 1987 - Mar 1987 - A Sqn + part of D Sqn, detached as HMP Maze Prison Guard Force
Dec 1990 - Jun 1991 - A Sqn + D Sqn formed G Sqn, which was detached to Dhekialia Garrison, Cyprus. C Sqn + B Sqn formed H Sqn, which was detached to UN Forces Cyprus on "The Line".
Jun 1992 - B Sqn detached as Independent Squadron, Sovereign Base Area, Episkopi, Cyprus. D Sqn detached to Northern Ireland as HMP Maze Prison Guard Force.
Jul 1993 - Advance Party elements of the Regiment moved to Fallingbostel.
Sept 1993- Amalgamation at Fallingbostel.

Affiliations and allied regiments[edit]

A Squadron (Warwickshire and Worcestershire Yeomanry) The Queen's Own Mercian Yeomanry
4th Worcestershire Cadet Squadron, Army Cadet Force
HMS Birmingham (Decommissioned in December 1999, sold for scrap October 2000)
HMS Naiad (Decommissioned in April 1987, sunk while used as Target Ship, March 1990)
Canada - The Sherbrooke Hussars
Australia - 3rd/9th_Light_Horse_(South_Australian_Mounted_Rifles)
New Zealand - Waikato/Wellington East Coast Sqn, Queen Alexandra's Regiment, Royal New Zealand Armoured Corps


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