Queen Anne High School Dunfermline

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Queen Anne High School
Motto Libertatem Per Probitatem
Type Non-denominational
Rector Ruth McFarlane
Location Broomhead Parks
KY12 0PQ
Scotland Coordinates: 56°04′49″N 3°27′50″W / 56.0803°N 3.464°W / 56.0803; -3.464
Local authority Fife Council
Students 1570
Ages 12–18
Houses Abbey, Bruce and Carnegie
Website Queen Anne High School
The main courtyard at the entrance to the school.

Queen Anne High School, named after Queen Anne of Denmark, is a large non-denominational secondary school. It is located in Dunfermline, West Fife.

Between the latter part of the nineteenth century and the 1930s, the school was located on a site between what is now bounded by the Kingsgate Shopping Centre, Pilmuir Street and Carnegie Drive. In the 1930s it moved to the former Dunfermline High School building that lay to the north of Priory Lane. In the 1950s it moved again to a new campus at Broomhead, just to the south of its current location. In August 2003 it moved yet again 200 yards to the north, next to and encroaching upon the village of Wellwood.

In July 2014 Queen Anne High School was awarded the TES International Schools Award.[1]


The school is divided into three houses, Abbey, Bruce, and Carnegie. Each house has a guidance team who are responsible for the pastoral care of the group of pupils who have been assigned to that particular house. The guidance teachers are located in the guidance base in the pupil support corridor.

Queen Anne has a flat-structured management system with one Rector and five Depute Rectors.

Senior Leadership Team (SLT)[edit]

Person Remit
Miss R McFarlane Headteacher/Rector
Miss J Campbell Depute Headteacher (S1)
Mr K Robertson Depute Headteacher (S2)
Mr P Billington Depute Headteacher (S3)
Mr G Hamilton Depute Headteacher (S4 and S5)
Mr D Sinclair Depute Headteacher (S6)

Role in the community[edit]

Queen Anne prefects at local community Remembrance Day service.

Queen Anne has an active role in its local community. Queen Anne's facilities are open for use to the public after the school day finishes, these include a gym, sports hall, gymnastics hall, music studio, tennis courts and football pitches. Use of these facilities is managed by the Community Use Team [2]

During the Festive Season Queen Anne pupils donate food parcels to Sheltered Homes across Dunfermline and surrounding villages.[3]

Queen Anne also plays a part in The Gambia with charity and fundraising in Queen Anne which helps fund expansion and improvement to the John Pickering Senior Comprehensive school located in the Gambia. From 2010, much of the fundraising has been put towards building a skills centre in the Gambian village of Jibboroh. Queen Anne also maintains a social link with the Gambian school as a number of pupils have formed penpals with those in Gambia.[4] Also in 2006 some Queen Anne pupils went to visit the school in the Gambia and reported the project was a success. In 2007 two members of staff from John Pickering visited Queen Anne and there was a return trip of Queen Anne pupils to the Gambia mid-2008. A group of around ten pupils now visit The Gambia biennially in June for cultural exchange.

In mid-March 2010, the Fife Area Confucius Classroom hub opened, based next to the LRC. This national initiative aims to support the learning of Chinese language and culture within Scottish schools.[5] This initiative has led to the Mandarin language being offered not only to S1-2 classes but also for SQA certification at Access level. A group of students will visit China on a World Challenge expedition in June 2012.


Queen Anne High School uses the Curriculum for Excellence. This aims to achieve a transformation in education in Scotland by providing a coherent, more flexible and enriched curriculum from 3 to 18.

The curriculum includes the totality of experiences which are planned for children and young people through their education, wherever they are being educated.[6]

Notable alumni[edit]


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