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Queen Anu at the battle of Zuunmod

Queen Anu or Lady Anu (Mongolian: Ану хатан, birth date unknown - 1696) was granddaughter of Ochirtu Secen Khan of Khoshuud (or his youngest daughter according to some written historical sources) and the spouse of first prince Sengge and then of king Galdan Boshughtu Khan of Dzungaria. With king Galdan Boshughtu she had one son, prince Sevdenbaljir, and two daughters, princesses Yunchihai and Boum.

She died of an enemy arrow wound while saving her husband from enemy encirclement during the battle at Zuunmod at the river Terelj in 1696.[citation needed] She was buried in among hills of Khangai mountains where the area was referred as "Hatant" (from Mongolian "hatan" meaning "queen") ever since which is now in Hotont soum of Arkhangai Province.

A Mongolian movie about her life was released in 2014 called "Queen Ahno - Spirit of a Warrior". It was one of the most expensive movies ever shot in Mongolia, and the highest grossing.[1] It was released on DVD and in digital formats as "Warrior Princess" with English and Spanish subtitles on September 16, 2014.[2]

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