Queen of the Nile (The Twilight Zone)

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"Queen of the Nile"
The Twilight Zone episode
Episode no. Season 5
Episode 24
Directed by John Brahm
Written by Jerry Sohl
(credited to Charles Beaumont)
Featured music Lucien Moraweck
Production code 2626
Original air date March 6, 1964
Guest actors

Ann Blyth: Pamela Morris/Constance Taylor
Lee Philips: Jordan Herrick
Celia Lovsky: Viola Draper
Frank Ferguson: Krueger

Episode chronology
← Previous
"An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"
Next →
"What's in the Box"
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"Queen of the Nile" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.


Columnist Jordan Herrick, a noted cynic, prepares to interview famed actress Pamela Morris. She is known for her vitality and beauty, and many want to know her secret to staying young and beautiful. Herrick is welcomed to Morris's sprawling manor by a very aged woman named Viola. He naturally assumes that this is Morris's mother, and greets her as such; he is shocked when Viola later confides that she is in fact Pamela's daughter and that Pamela has not appeared to age for the entirety of Viola's life.

Herrick takes this as a sign of senility, and greets the beautiful Pamela when she comes down the stairs. The two flirt and have drinks, Herrick obviously smitten with the gorgeous actress. The two talk, Pamela all the while hinting at some great secret that she possesses. Herrick's curiosity and attraction finally win out, and he demands to know the truth about how she seems not to age. Pamela complies and demonstrates a small scarab beetle that she hides in a plant. She tells Herrick that she got it "from the pharaohs who understood its power".

His coffee having been drugged by Pamela, Herrick slumps unconscious to her living room floor. Pamela applies the scarab to Herrick's body and pulls the youth from it, gradually aging him until he dies, then turns to a skeleton, and then finally to nothing but dust. Pamela then applies the scarab to her own body, seeming to rejuvenate.

The episode ends with yet another young and handsome columnist arriving to interview Pamela, starting the cycle once again. Pamela is actually Cleopatra VII, who has continued to live for more than two thousand years.

Production notes[edit]

Apparently, in the original first-draft script, a handsome young policeman turned up at the end of the story, asking Pamela Morris as to the whereabouts of the now missing Jordan Herrick. She begins to flatter and flirt with the cop, setting him up to start the cycle all over again.


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