Queens Bridge (Melbourne)

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Queens Bridge
Queens Bridge Melbourne.jpg
Coordinates 37°49′14″S 144°57′41″E / 37.820461°S 144.961384°E / -37.820461; 144.961384Coordinates: 37°49′14″S 144°57′41″E / 37.820461°S 144.961384°E / -37.820461; 144.961384
Carries Road, trams, pedestrians
Crosses Yarra River
Locale Melbourne, Australia
Opened 1889

The Queens Bridge is a historic road bridge over the Yarra River in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The bridge was built in 1889 and has five wrought iron plate girder spans, and is listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.[1][2] The bridge was built by contractor David Munro, and replaced a timber footbridge built in 1860.[3]

The bridge is a very flat arch, and has five spans constructed of wrought iron plate girders. The bridge rests on iron cylinders filled with concrete, in groups of eight, with arched bracing between.[3] It connects Market Street and William Street on the north bank to Queensbridge Street to the south. Trams on route 55 also cross the bridge.


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