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Statue of Queen Victoria in Queens Gardens.

The Queens Gardens is a heritage-listed park located on a city block between George Street, Elizabeth Street and William Street in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. On the opposite side of William Street is the old State Library of Queensland and on the opposite side of Elizabeth Street is the former Treasury Building (now Conrad Treasury Casino).

Queens Gardens was established in its present form in 1963, after the buildings which had occupied the area had been demolished. Queens Gardens was named in honour of Queen Victoria. A statue of Queen Victoria, based on an original in Portsmouth and created by English sculptor Thomas Brock, was unveiled in 1906 in the gardens in front of the Lands Administration Building.[1]

Also in the gardens is a statue of T. J. Ryan, Premier of Queensland (1915–1919), and a Royal Australian Air Force memorial and field gun.

Trophy of British Valour

The trophy of British valour is a German World War I field gun located in a corner of the gardens. It was presented to Queensland by Lord Kitchener, on behalf of His Majesty King George V on 18 August 1917.[2]

As an early penal colony the site was originally home to a cottage, lumber yard, engineer's store and workshops.[1]

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