Quercianella–Sonnino railway station

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Quercianella–Sonnino railway station.

Railway crossing from Quercianella to the station.

Quercianella–Sonnino railway station, on the Pisa–Livorno–Rome railway line, serves a small village on the Etruscan coast between Livorno and Grosseto in Tuscany.[1] The trip from Pisa can take as little as half an hour and one hour and a half from Florence. The easy access has made Quercianella a favourite location for summer vacations. The seashore is renowned for its pebbled beaches between rocky outcrops. On one outcrop, Sydney Sonnino, a minister of the Kingdom of Italy, build a castle in medieval style. Two beaches are on either side of the castle, "cala del leone" and "il rogiolo". There is a profusion of sea life attached to the rocks and the water is clear. The economy of Quercianella–Sonnino depends mostly on tourism, mainly from Florence during the hot summer months. Thirteen kilometres from Livorno, it is surrounded by woods on all sides. Like most locations in Tuscany, it benefits of a micro-climate, which is relatively dry and the winters are mild.

Castle Sonnino viewed from "Il Rogiolo"


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