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Quick Fiction
Editor in Chief Jennifer Pieroni
Categories Literary magazine
Frequency Biannually
First issue  2001 (2001-month)
Company JP Press
Country United States
Based in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Website quickfiction.org
ISSN 1543-8376

Quick Fiction is a contemporary bi-annual literary magazine published in the United States. The journal's publishing focus is on the narrative prose poem/flash fiction, and they have proven instrumental in providing both newer and veteran writers the opportunity to showcase their work. Many of the authors published in Quick Fiction are creating new paths in the areas of narrative prose poetry and flash fiction, and the journal is facilitating that exploration.

In an interview with a Gazette[clarification needed] reporter, Adam Pieroni described the journal's artistic bent, saying they publish mostly magical realism.[1]


Quick Fiction began in 2001 in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, as a publishing collaboration between Adam and Jennifer Pieroni. Adam is currently the publisher, while Jennifer is the editor-in-chief. More staff members, including Dana Burchfield, have been added to the roster since the journal's inception.

Boston's Weekly Dig, the weekly arts magazine, says Quick Fiction is “filled with great work from writers who respect the rigid, potentially gorgeous contours of microfiction and have a great deal to say in very little time.”[2]

This journal appears to be out of business. The website is now a term paper seller.


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