Quimera GT

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Quimera Concept Car
Manufacturer Quimera
Production 2012
Assembly Spain (late 2012)
Layout Sports Car hybrid
Electric motor Electric

The Quimera Concept Electric Car is the most powerful electric car in the world with a top speed of 300 km/h.[citation needed] It is a prototype electric vehicle and one of the first all-electric GT racing car. It is the first fully automated electric racing vehicle.[citation needed]


Quimera performed on the 26th of august, at F1 Circuit of Alcañiz (Motorland), Spain and has been a complete success. During the test phase some critical parts and concepts were tested with outstanding results (speed, temperature, gearbox, batteries, BMS, mechanical solutions, cooling). Two prototypes will be manufactured in the coming months of the year 2012 and official tests for interested professional teams and drivers will be conducted first quarter of September. It is currently in testing activities by the team manufacturers of this project.[citation needed]