Quimper Cathedral

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Quimper Cathedral
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Quimper Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Corentin de Quimper) is a Roman Catholic cathedral, and national monument of Brittany (France), located in the town of Quimper. It is the seat of the Bishops of Quimper (now Bishops of Quimper-Leon), to the first of whom, Saint Corentin, it is dedicated.

The cathedral is notable in that unlike other Gothic cathedrals it slightly bends in the middle to match the contours of its location, and avoid an area that was swampy at the time of the construction.

The Cathedral was the site of a devastating fire in 1620 when the bell tower was burned and the populace saw a green devil in the flames.[1]


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Coordinates: 47°59′44″N 4°6′8″W / 47.99556°N 4.10222°W / 47.99556; -4.10222