Quinn Bradlee

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Quinn Bradlee
Born Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee
(1982-04-29) April 29, 1982 (age 32)
Georgetown (Washington, D.C.)
Education Lab School of Washington
The Gow School
Spouse(s) Pary Anbaz-Williamson
Parent(s) Benjamin C. Bradlee
Sally Quinn

Josiah Quinn Crowninshield Bradlee EsqStJ, FSA Scot (born April 29, 1982) is an American author and filmmaker.[1][2][3][4]


Bradlee is the son of former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and journalist Sally Quinn.[5][6][7]

He attended the special education Lab School of Washington until the tenth grade.[8] He graduated from the Gow School in 2002.[9][10] He attended special programs at Landmark College and American University.[11]

Bradlee has learning disabilities and velo-cardio-facial syndrome.[12][13][14] He is the author of a memoir entitled A Different Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled and Other Adventures, documenting his efforts to overcome VCFS. Bradlee helped make a film about VCFS and the VCFS International Center in Syracuse, New York, which debuted in 2007.[1][15]

Bradlee is the webmaster of Friends of Quinn, a website for learning disabled people, part of the Healthcentral Network.[13] It offers “resources and support for young adults with learning differences.”[16] The Friends of Quinn website uses the dyslexic-friendly Dyslexie font. Bradlee interviewed director Steven Spielberg for Friends of Quinn. In the interview, Spielberg said he has dyslexia.[citation needed]

Bradlee married yoga instructor Pary Anbaz-Williamson on April 10, 2010.[17][18][19]


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