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String instrument
Other names guitarra quinta huapanguera, guitarra huapanguera
Classification String instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification
(Composite chordophone)
Related instruments
jarana huasteca

The huapanguera, guitarra quinta huapanguera or guitarra huapanguera is a Mexican guitar-like instrument that usually forms part of a conjunto huasteco ensemble, along with the jarana huasteca guitar and violin. Here it takes on the role of the bass instrument using a rhythmical strumming technique. Its physical construction features a large resonating body with a short neck. It normally has 8 to 10 frets which stop at the point where the fingerboard meets the top.

A son huasteco trio, featuring a violin, jarana huasteca and huapanguera.

The stringing and tuning arrangement consists of 8 nylon strings in 5 courses. Standard tuning is G dd' gg bb e, although there are many other string arrangements and tunings.