Quintino Bocaiuva

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"Quintino Bocaiúva" redirects here. For the neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, see Quintino Bocaiúva, Rio de Janeiro.
Quintino Bocaiúva
Quintino Bocaiuva big.jpg
Born 4 December 1836
Died 11 June 1912
Rio de Janeiro
Occupation Politician
Nationality Brazilian

Quintino Bocaiúva (December 4, 1836 – June 11, 1912) was a politician and writer from Brazil.

Preceded by
José Francisco Diana (pre Republic)
Minister of External Relations
1889 — 1891[1]
Succeeded by
Justo Leite Chermont
Preceded by
Lourenço Cavalcanti de Albuquerque
Minister of Transport
Succeeded by
Demétrio Nunes Ribeiro
Preceded by
New position
Governor of Rio de Janeiro
1901 - 1903
Succeeded by
Nilo Peçanha


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