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Quizlet logo.png
Slogan Happy Studies!
Type of site
Registration Optional
Available in English, French, German, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Portuguese, Russian
Launched January 2007
Revenue Quizlet Plus/Ads
Alexa rank
3,002 worldwide, 728 in the U.S.[1]

Quizlet is an online learning tool created by high school sophomore Andrew Sutherland in Albany, California. It was originally conceived in October 2005 and released to the public in January 2007.[2] As of January 2014, Quizlet has over 60 million user-generated flashcard sets and more than 20 million registered users.[3][4]


Quizlet began as an idea conceptualized by 15-year-old Andrew Sutherland when he was assigned by his French teacher to memorize 111 animal names.[5][6][7] After realizing the daunting task of mechanical memorization, Sutherland sat down to write code for a program to aid him in memorization.[8] These first lines of code were scrapped and then rewritten meticulously and carefully over the course of 420 days by Sutherland. In January 2007, Quizlet was released to the public.[9]

Study modes[edit]

As a memorization tool, Quizlet lets registered users create "sets" of terms customized for their own needs.[10] These sets of terms can then be studied under several study modes.[11][12]

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