Quobject Explorer

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Quobject Explorer
Quobject Explorer on Windows 7.
Developer(s) Quobject Software
Initial release 2009; 6 years ago (2009)
Stable release 1.5 / December 30, 2013; 14 months ago (2013-12-30)
Development status Active
Written in C Sharp (programming language)
Operating system Microsoft Windows
Available in English,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Spanish
Type Education, Teaching & Training Tools
License Proprietary EULA
Website Quobject

Quobject Explorer is a freeware computer software that enables rapid creation of worksheets, exams and online quizzes by managing quox files that contain questions and answers packaged together in a single file. quox files can easily be created with Quobject Designer.

Exam questions in the quox format can easily be shared among teachers and quickly combined for rapid creation of worksheets, exams and online quizzes within Quobject Explorer. The question object file contains all information for an exam question i.e. question text, pictures, math formulas, number of marks, number of dotted lines for student answer (used when creating a paper version of quiz). The question object file contains also the answer to the question, which is used to create a separate answer sheet when creating a paper version of the quiz/exam. Once the quox file of a question is written the question can easily be configured with other questions to create a written paper containing this question. This configuration occurs by drag and drop within Quobject Explorer. Worksheets created within Quobject Explorer can be exported to a "quiz" file which is an ordered zip package of quox files.