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Family name
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Pronunciation [qureːʃiː], [qureʃiː]
Meaning Member of the Quraish tribe
Region of origin Arabia
Related names Qureshi, Qurashi, Quraishy, Qureishy, Qureyshi, Qurayshi, Quraishi, Qureshy, Quraishy, Qoraishi, Qoreshi, Koraishi, Kureshi, Kureshy, Kureishi, Kourashi, Coreishi, قریشی
Clan affiliations Hashmi, Siddiqui, Farooqi, Usmani, Syed, Abbasi, Jafri, Shah[1]

Qureyshi (also known as Qureshi, Quraishi, Qurayshi, Qureshy, Quraishy, Qoraishi, Qoreshi, Koraishi, Kureshi, Kureshy, Kureishi, Coreish, Urdu: قریشی‎) is a Muslim family name, originating from the Quraysh tribe, which was the noblest tribe in Mecca around the time of the birth of Muhammad.[2] At the time of Muhammad’s birth, his grandfather Abdul-Muttalib[3] was the tribal head.

Quraysh is also the name of the 106th Surah of the Qur'an.


Fahr Quraish (bin Malik bin An-Nadr/Qais bin Kinanah bin Khuzaimah bin Mudriqa bin Ilyas/Ayas bin Mudar bin Nazaar/Nizar bin Mu'aad bin Adnan) was a distinguished tribal chief and the first Qureshi whose descendants are called banu Quraish. Muhammad also mentioned Fahr Quraish[4] in his lineage up to Adnan.[5]


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