Quriwayrachina, Ayacucho

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This article is about the archaeological site in the La Convención Province, Cusco Region, Peru. For other uses, see Quriwayrachina.
Location Peru, Ayacucho Region, Lucanas Province
Region Andes
Cultures Inca

Quriwayrachina (Quechua)[1] or Hatun Quriwayrachina (Quechua hatun big,[1] also spelled Qatun Quriwayrachina) is an archaeological site of the Inca period in Peru located in the Ayacucho Region, Lucanas Province, Carmen Salcedo District.[2][3] It lies near the mountain Inkapallanka which is venerated as an apu by the people of the area. There are two platforms which are known as Hatun Quriwayrachina and Huch'uy Quriwayrachina (Quechua huch'uy small,[1] also spelled Uchuy Quriwarachina) by the locals.[3] On April 20, 2011, the site was declared a National Cultural Heritage by Resolución Viceministerial No. 459-2011-VMPCIC-MC.[2]


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