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Qwartz Electronic Music Awards
Date March 29, 2012 (2012-03-29)
Location 104,[1] Paris (2012)
Country France
Presented by Alexandre Grauer
First awarded 2005
Last awarded current
Official website http://www.qwartz.fr/

Qwartz Electronic Music Awards is a promotional and supportive program dedicated to new and electronic music. It recognizes and awards grants to independent labels and artists. It brings together the different waves of new and electronic music, from the most demanding to the most festive, from electro-acoustic to techno. Qwartz creates and enhances the links between the 20th century’s pioneers and the contemporary artists using new technologies in their work. The program rewards the different aspects of digital culture: music, graphic-design, audiovisuals and graphics, technological innovation, and new media arts.

Two international contests are held each year in order to promote, support and enhance the work of independent artists and labels. The first is dedicated to music and the second one to new media arts.

An annual event takes place in Paris. Besides the Awards Ceremony, Qwartz organizes an International New and Electronic Music Market, concerts, parties and conferences.

Qwartz Goals[edit]

Qwartz aims to promote and support new and electronic music scene. It gives the opportunity to (re)discover unknown and known artists and enhance the artistic creation and variety.

The designation of the prize-winners[edit]

Both Professional and Official Juries make their selections blindfold, that is to say without knowing the names of the artists or labels. The selection is based on artistic criteria only. After the Juries nominate several releases or tracks in the different categories, Internet users are invited to listen to the nominated works and then vote for the prize-winners.

The International New and Electronic Music Market[edit]

Qwartz organizes since few editions the International New and Electronic Music Market. The event gathers labels, artists, collectives, festivals, institutions, agencies, Hi-Fi firms during coming from 15 to 20 countries. It invites the visitors to discover the artistic creation and support by purchasing releases - rare- and limited-editions only. The Market gives the opportunity of professional networking as well. Performances, screenings, round-tables and talk-series are scheduled during the event.

The awards categories[edit]

Qwartz attributed by the Juries
  • Qwartz Album
  • Qwartz Experimentation/Research
  • Qwartz Discovery
  • Qwartz Compilation
  • Qwartz Track
  • Qwartz Dancefloor
  • Qwartz Artwork and Packaging
  • Qwartz New Media Arts
  • Qwartz Artist
  • Qwartz Label
Qwartz attributed by the Qwartz Direction/Honour Committee
  • Qwartz d’Honneur
  • Qwartz Pierre Schaeffer
  • Qwartz Max Mathews (technological innovation)


Under the chairmanship of Robert Henke / Monolake and Arnaud Rebotini as Juries' President

  • Official Jury: Nicolas Dufourcq, Olaf Hund, David Jisse, Atau Tanaka.
  • Professional Jury: Sébastien Auger, Xavier Ehretsmann, Sixto Fernando, Thomas Régnault, Tommy Vaudecrane, Christophe Vix-Gras.
  • Qwartz Album – Kilimanjaro by Superpitcher [Germany] – Kompakt [Germany]
  • Qwartz Experimentation – 18 pieces for the Midi harp by Elisabeth Valletti [France] – No label
  • Qwartz Discovery – Life on Titan by John Heckle [United Kingdom] - Mathematics Recordings [United States]
  • Qwartz Track – Dernière minute by Andy Moor [United Kingdom] and Anne-James Chaton [France] in Transfer/1 Departures - Unsounds [Netherlands]
  • Qwartz Dancefloor – Glass by Incite [Germany] in Dare to Dance – Hands productions [Germany]
  • Qwartz Artwork/Packaging – Marc-Antoine Beaufils [France] for Semelles de fondation - Bloc Thyristors [France] / Bimbo Tower [France]
  • Qwartz d'Honneur – Morton Subotnick [United States]
  • Qwartz Pierre SchaefferFrancis Dhomont [France]
  • Qwartz Max Mathews - Hopman Sound Transfer [France]
  • Qwartz New Media Arts - Sound in Process : Lights contacts by Scenocosme (Grégory Lasserre & Anaïs met den Ancxt) [France]


Under the chairmanship of Alva Noto and with Matali Crasset and Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr as Juries' Presidents

  • Official Jury: Matali Crasset (President), Gilles Berquet, Mïrka Lugosi, Didier Varrod.
  • Professional Jury: Alexis Alyskewicz & Aurore Menu, Yannick Blay, Frédéric Malki, Eric Mattson, Thomas Meinecke, Erik Minkkinen, Edouard Rostand, Christine Webster.
  • New Media Arts Jury: Pierre Cornette de Saint-Cyr (President), Gilles Alvarez, Charles Carcopino, Régine Debatty, Benoît Guérinault, Anne Roquigny, Gerfried Stocker, Alain Thibaut.
  • Qwartz Album - Doll Divider by Olivia Louvel [France] - Optical Sound [France]
  • Qwartz Experimentation/Research - Antichamber by Yannis Kyriakides [Cyprus] - Unsounds [Netherlands]
  • Qwartz Discovery - Peste by Sturqen [Portugal] - Kvitnu [Ukraine]
  • Qwartz Compilation - A Man and A Machine 2 by Le Son du Maquis [France]
  • Qwartz Track - Fine Mouche by Khan (feat. Brigitte Fontaine) [Germany] – I’m a single Records [Germany]
  • Qwartz Dancefloor - The Beat of the Heart by Daniel Meteo [Germany] in Working Class – Shitkatapult [Germany]
  • Qwartz Artwork/Packaging - Loafnest (Andrew Lange + Michael S. Carlson) [United States] for Fever Dream by MAP
  • Qwartz Artist - Sturqen [Portugal]
  • Qwartz Label - Kvitnu [Ukraine]
  • Qwartz New Media Arts - Dust by Herman Kolgen [Canada] / Special Mention to Deshérence by ANTIVJ [France]
  • Qwartz d'Honneur - Matthew Herbert [United Kingdom]
  • Qwartz Pierre Schaeffer - Eliane Radigue [France]
  • Qwartz Max Mathews - Harpe MIDI Camac [France]
  • Qwartz Special - Christine Groult by KM Pantin [France]


Under the chairmanship of Gudrun Gut and with Alejandro Jodorowsky as Jury's President

  • Official Jury: Christophe, Bernard Parmegiani, Patrice Renson
  • Professional Jury: Jocelyne Auzende, Alain Brohard, David Chauveau, Marek Choloniewski, Jean-Marc Clogenson, Hubert Michel, Damien Moreno, Kevin Ringeval, Remco Schuurbiers
  • Qwartz Album: Fedayi Pacha - From the Oriental School of dub [Hammerbass]
  • Qwartz Experimentation/Research: Hughes Germain - Esprit de sel [Volume-Collectif / Césaré]
  • Qwartz Discovery: Cercueil - Shoo Straight Shout [Optical Sound]
  • Qwartz Compilation: Alec Empire Plays Staubgold: Rauschgold (Staubgold)
  • Qwartz Anthology: Francisco López - Through the Looking-Glass (KAIROS)
  • Qwartz Track: Fractional - Tansw extrait de Still Life [The Centrifuge]
  • Qwartz Dancefloor: Daniela La Luz - Elle Routine extrait de Musik Non Stop Uno [Syncopated Musik]
  • Qwartz Artwork/Packaging: Mounir Jatoum (La Commissure) - Split d’Arnaud Rivière & Antoine Chessex [Le Petit Mignon]
  • Qwartz New Media Art: Kurt Hentschlager
  • Qwartz Artist: Arnaud Rebotini
  • Qwartz Label: Shitkatapult
  • Qwartz Max Mathews: Olivier Sens - logiciel Usine
  • Qwartz Pierre Schaeffer: François Bayle
  • Qwartz d’Honneur: Laurie Anderson


Chairmanship: Taylor Deupree'

QWARTZ ALBUM: krill.minima / urlaub auf balkonien / Thinner Netlabel
QWARTZ EXPERIMENTAL/RESEARCH: Lionel Marchetti / Hadèle et Hadrien : Le Livre des Vacances / Optical Sound
QWARTZ DISCOVER: Pirata / Minimental / The Arrogance of Simplicity / Pueblo Nuevo Netlabel
QWARTZ ARTWORK&PACKAGING: skoltz_kolgen for Silent Room / ARCADI / Optical Sound
QWARTZ VIDEO: skoltz_kolgen for Silent Room / ARCADI / Optical Sound
QWARTZ TRACK: Stefan Mallmann / Chicken and Wings in Interlude Ep / Night Drive Music
QWARTZ DANCE FLOOR: Apparat/ apparat ibiza version in Things to be frickled / Shitkatapult
QWARTZ COMPILATION: Autumn Leaves / Gruenrekorder
QWARTZ ARTIST: Lionel Marchetti
QWARTZ D'HONNEUR : Wolfgang Voigt
QWARTZ PIERRE SCHAEFFER: Åke Parmerud, Roger Cochini
QWARTZ MAX MATHEWS: Bert Schiettecatte / AudioCubes Percussa (Belgium)
QWARTZ WEB: Kenneth Goldsmith for UbuWeb
QWARTZ PRESS: Tony Herrington for the magazine The Wire


Présidence d'Honneur: Robin Rimbaud aka Scanner

QWARTZ ALBUM: Edith Progue / Timeline / Mille Plateaux
QWARTZ EXPERIMENTAL/RESEARCH: Laurent Chambert[2] / Suspense
QWARTZ DISCOVER: The Penelope(s) / The Arrogance of Simplicity / Citizen Records QWARTZ ARTIST: LR & RadioMentale
QWARTZ ARTWORK & PACKAGING: Jon Wozencroft, for “l’album 4 Rooms”/Jacob Kirkegaard /Touch
QWARTZ TRACK: Long tongue / Micro Audio Waves in odd size baggage / Magic Music
QWARTZ DANCE FLOOR: Cocotte / Teenage Bad Girl in Cocotte / Citizen Records
QWARTZ COMPILATION: 50 AÑOS (1956–2006) de Musica Electroacustica en Chile Consejo Nacional de la Cultura y las Artes / Pueblo Nuevo / 3 CDs /press1 /press2
QWARTZ LABEL: Citizen Records (France)
QWARTZ HYBRID: Naphtaline, Ez3kiel, Jarring Effects
QWARTZ EVENT: Les Nuits Electroniques de L’Ososphère (Strasbourg, France)
QWARTZ D'HONNEUR : Blixa Bargeld
QWARTZ PIERRE SCHAEFFER: Jean-Claude Risset, Beatriz Ferreyra, Max Mathews


QWARTZ TRACK: The Ukrainians / Bryce Kushnier / Intr-version (Canada)
QWARTZ ALBUM : Dovetail / Coloma / Klein Records (Great Britain)
QWARTZ DISCOVER: The correct use of pets / Hypo & Edh / Active Suspension (France)
QWARTZ DANCE-FLOOR : Ripple effect / 20for7 / Chocoflash (Australia)
QWARTZ EXPERIMENTAL/RESEARCH : Shaper of form / Dani Joss / Poeta Negra (Greece)
QWARTZ COMPILATION : Bip_Hop generation vol.8 / Bip-hop (France)
QWARTZ CLIP : Under the bridge / Baiyon / Brain Escape Sandwich / Rec-Catchpulse (Japan) and SchnittMenge / Spenza / Stephan Bolch (Germany)
QWARTZ ARTWORK & PACKAGING : Olivier Weber for Zombiparti ! de Kid Chocolat - Poor Records (Switzerland)
QWARTZ LABEL : Staubgold (Germany)
QWARTZ HYBRID : Rodolphe Von Gombergh. RVG (France)
QWARTZ EVENT : Synch (Greece) and Nuits sonores (Lyon, France)
QWARTZ MAX MATHEWS : FM3 Buddha Machine (China/USA)
QWARTZ ROBERT MOOG : Haliaetus (France)
QWARTZ PIERRE SCHAEFFER : Henri Pousseur (Belgium) and Otavio Soares Brandão(Brazil)


QWARTZ TRACK: Sofa / Motel *** / Dazzle and Delight (France)
QWARTZ ALBUM : No Waves / Micro Audio Waves / N Records (Portugal)
QWARTZ DISCOVER : Scatter Scards / Andrey Kiritchenko / Minusn Netlabel (Ukraine) and 2 / Leonard de Leonard / Leonizer Records (France)
QWARTZ DANCE-FLOOR : No fun (OK Cowboy) / Vitalic / Citizen Records (France)
QWARTZ EXPERIMENTAL/RESEARCH : Zap Meemees / Satanicpornocultshop / Sonore (Japan)
QWARTZ COMPILATION : Fax collaborations & remixes / Static Discos (Mexico)
QWARTZ CLIP : Fully Connected / Marco Madruga & Daniela Krts
QWARTZ ARTWORK & PACKAGING : Nicola Bork for "Mimetic Dancing" de Mimetic – Hands (Germany)
QWARTZ LABEL : Tomlab (Germany)
QWARTZ LIVE ACT : Felix Kubin (Germany)
QWARTZ HYBRID : Mladafronta DVD – Parametric (France)
QWARTZ VINYL : "Vista le Vie" de A futuristic family film – F Communications (France)
QWARTZ EVENT : Dis-patch Beograd
QWARTZ D'HONNEUR : Pierre Henry (France), Klaus Schulze (Germany), Can (Germany)


QWARTZ d'HONNEUR : Pierre Schaeffer
QWARTZ ALBUM : Welcome Tourist / B.Fleischmann / Morr Music (Germany-Austria)
QWARTZ DISCOVER : The Exchange / Alix / Les Disques Sérieux/Nocturne (France)
QWARTZ TRACK : Escal in The Exchange / Alix / Les Disques Sérieux/Nocturne (France)
QWARTZ VINYL : A heart & two stars / Music A.M / Quatermass (Germany-Belgium)
QWARTZ COMPILATION : Maximas Texturas / Discos Konfort (Mexico)
QWARTZ REMIXE & REPRISE : High again in Tribute To Remixes / Brain Damage / Dub Wiser - Hammerbass (France)
QWARTZ CLIP : Hey Bonus ! - Octet / Camille Henrot / Diamond Traxx/Metronomic (France)
QWARTZ ARTWORK & PACKAGING : January / Taylor Deupree / Photographe & Uison Design / Spekk (Japan)
QWARTZ LIVE : Dzihan and Kamien - Crouch Records (Yugoslavia-Switzerland)
QWARTZ LABEL : Poeta Negra (Greece)
QWARTZ ARTIST : Coloma - Ware Records (Germany/England)
QWARTZ DJ PRODUCER : Automat - Sounds Around Records (France)
QWARTZ AUTOPRODUCTION : Des hauts & des bas / Lou / Ici (Londres-France)
QWARTZ HYBRID: Cocoon, Optical Sound (France)
QWARTZ MAX MATHEWS : TUB X, Rémi Dury (France)
QWARTZ ROBERT MOOG : Live [software], Ableton
QWARTZ EVENT : Festival MUTEK, Québec, Canada


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