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tan hiep
Thành phố Rạch Giá
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tan hiep is located in Vietnam
tan hiep
tan hiep
Location of in Vietnam
Coordinates: 10°1′0″N 105°5′0″E / 10.01667°N 105.08333°E / 10.01667; 105.08333Coordinates: 10°1′0″N 105°5′0″E / 10.01667°N 105.08333°E / 10.01667; 105.08333
Country  Vietnam
Province Kiên Giang
 • Total 97.7542 km2 (37.7431 sq mi)
Population (2009)[2]
 • Total 226,316
 • Density 2,300/km2 (6,000/sq mi)

Rạch Giá (About this sound listen) is the capital city of Kien Giang province, Vietnam. It is located around on the coast of Gulf of Thailand, 250 kilometres (160 mi) from Ho Chi Minh City. East of city borders Tân Hiệp and Châu Thành town, Gulf of Thailand surrounds west city, south of city borders to Châu Thành and An Biên town, north of city borders to Hòn Đất and Tân Hiệp.

Administrative units[edit]

Rạch Giá was upgraded from a town to a city by Government Decree No. 97/2005/NĐ-CP on July 26, 2005.[1] The city has 12 administrative units:

  • Vinh Thanh Van Ward
  • Vinh Thanh Ward
  • Vinh Lac Ward
  • Vinh Loi Ward
  • Vinh Quang Ward
  • An Hoa Ward
  • An Binh Ward
  • Rach Soi Ward
  • Vinh Thong Ward
  • Vinh Hiep Ward
  • Phi Thong Commune

Rạch Giá is the first city where the Vietnamese government applied "lan bien" project to build out to the ocean to expand territory. "Lan bien" project expand the city to become one of the biggest new cities in the southwest of Vietnam. This project adds 2 more new wards in Rạch Giá. Beside that, several future construction projects such as industrial center Rach Vuot and urban city Vinh Hiep which will be started after finishing Lac Hong bridge project will expand Rạch Giá to the east.[citation needed]

Cultures and tourism[edit]

Ceremony of Nguyễn Trung Trực is held annually in lunar August.[citation needed]


National historical sites:

Other historical site:


Rạch Giá has 2 main stations: Rach Soi station (main routes to neighbor towns or provinces on highway 61 and 63) and Rach Gia station (main routes to Ho Chi Minh City and Hà Tiên). Those are main stations to transport passengers to other towns in provinces or other provinces in nation.[citation needed]

Bus transportation system is developed pretty early, passengers can use bus from Rạch Giá to 4 other towns: Châu Thành (route Rạch Giá – Tac Cau), Giồng Riềng (route Rạch Giá – Giồng Riềng), Tân Hiệp (route Rạch Giá – Kinh B), Hòn Đất (route Rạch Giá – Tam Ngan).

Currently, Rach Gia Airport is the biggest airport in Rạch Giá. Rạch Giá airport has flight routes to Phú Quốc and Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnam Airlines.

Rạch Giá has 2 big ship stations: Rạch Giá ship station or Phú Quốc ship station (routes to Phú Quốc island and other big islands such as Phú Quốc, Hon Tre, Hon Son, Tho Chu…) and Rach Meo station (route to rural towns of Cà Mau Peninsula). High speed ship is economic choice for passengers to Phú Quốc island or Kiên Hải islands.


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