Régiment du Roi

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Flag of the Régiment du Roi
Uniform of the Régiment du Roi, c.1762

Régiment du Roi (King's Regiment) was a name given to several of the most prestigious regiments of the French Army under the ancien Régime and Bourbon Restoration, with most of the Army's branches having a régiment du Roi. It is not to be confused with the term régiment royal (meaning a regiment belonging to the king as opposed to régiments de gentilhomme belonging to nobles)


In 1663, the régiment Royal Infanterie was renamed the King's infantry regiment. This regiment was one of three garrisoning Nancy in August 1790 and as such played a leading role in the mutiny known as the Nancy Affair. In 1791 it became the 105e régiment d'infanterie de ligne.

In 1814 the 1st Infantry Regiment was renamed régiment du Roi; it lost that name in 1816.

Light infantry[edit]

In 1814, the 1st regiment of light infantry regiment was renamed régiment du Roi. It was reformed in 1815.