Río Sereno

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Río Sereno
Río Sereno is located in Panama
Río Sereno
Río Sereno
Coordinates: 8°49′12″N 82°51′36″W / 8.82000°N 82.86000°W / 8.82000; -82.86000Coordinates: 8°49′12″N 82°51′36″W / 8.82000°N 82.86000°W / 8.82000; -82.86000
Country Panama
Province Chiriquí
Elevation 900 m (3,000 ft)
Population (2008)
 • Total 2 126
Time zone -5
Website http://www.riosereno.com

Río Sereno, also known as Sereno, is a small town, in the Renacimiento in the Chiriquí province of Panama close to the Costa Rica border.

The community has a population of 1.762, and is a rural dairy and agricultural region. The town is surrounded by vegetation.

Geographical coordinates: Latitude: 8° 49' 0" North, Longitude: 82° 52' 0" West


Dry (Summer): December - April
Wet (Winter): May - November

Elevation: 1000 meters (over 3200 feet)

Average temperature: 18 °C

Climate: tropical template