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Røldal kommune
Former Municipality
Røldal stave church
Røldal stave church
Country Norway
County Hordaland
District Vestlandet
Municipality ID NO-1229
Adm. center Røldal
Population (1963)
 • Total 608
Created from Suldal formannskapsdistrikt in 1838
Merged with Odda in 1964
View of Røldal and Røldalsvatnet in the background

Røldal is a former municipality in Hordaland county, Norway.

The parish of Suldal had to be divided into two formannskapsdistrikt from 1 January 1838 because the main part of the parish belonged to the county of Rogaland, while the annex Røldal belonged to the county of Hordaland. Røldal was merged with Odda on 1 January 1964.

The parish of Røldal originally belonged to the Diocese of Bjørgvin, but it was transferred to the (new) Diocese of Stavanger from 1125. In 1684 it became a part of the (new) Diocese of Kristiansand. Røldal was finally transferred back to the Diocese of Bjørgvin in 1864.

The village lies on the route between the traditional Vest- and Austlandet, at the borders between the counties of Hordaland, Rogaland and Telemark. Røldal was formerly an independent municipality, but in 1964 Røldal became a part of Odda municipality.

Recognized points of tourist interest in Røldal include the Røldal stave church and Røldal skicenter in the Hordadal valley which is famous for receiving the most snowfall of any area in Norway. Røldal also is a point for access to the Hardangervidda plateau.


  • Røldal Stave Church [1]
  • Røldal Village Museum [2]
  • Burial Mounds [3]
  • Kalvatræet Literature House [4]

The name[edit]

The Norse form of the name might have been *Røyrgudalr - and the first element would then be the genitive case of a rivername *Røyrga (derived from røyrr m 'rocky ground'). The last element is dalr m 'dale, valley'.

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Coordinates: 59°49′N 6°48′E / 59.817°N 6.800°E / 59.817; 6.800