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The main building viewed from the garden north wing to the right
General information
Location Næstved Municipality
Country Denmark
Coordinates 55°13′14″N 11°47′39″E / 55.22056°N 11.79417°E / 55.22056; 11.79417Coordinates: 55°13′14″N 11°47′39″E / 55.22056°N 11.79417°E / 55.22056; 11.79417
Completed 1734

Rønnebæksholm is a former manor house located just outside Næstved in south-eastern Denmark. It was acquired by Næstved Municipality in 1998 and is now run as a cultural centre, hosting a wide range of cultural events, both indoor and outdoor, including art exhibitions, concerts, talks and theatrical performances.[1] The este covers 230.5 hectares of land. Rønnebæksholm is situated at an elevation of 18 meters.[2]


The estate is mentioned in 1321. It was owned by the corwn from 1399 until 1571 while later owners include members of the Collet family who owned it from 1761 to 1777 and again from 1869 to 1994.[3]

The current three-winged building was built in 1734 and later altered in 1840-41 and again 1889-90.

Næstved Municipality acquired some of the land and associated farm buildings in 1994. In 1998, they acquired the main building and the rest of the estate.

Grundtvig Pavilion[edit]

The park is most notable for the Grundtvig Pavilion which was built for Grundtvig shortly after he married the Marie Toft, the widow at Rønnebæksholm. Grundtvig gave it the name Benligheden ("The Kindness"). It was designed by Johan Daniel Herholdt, shortly before he went abroad on a longer journey. Its design shows influence from English Renaissance garden houses, a rare inspiration in Danish architecture of the time.[4]

Cultural venue[edit]

The Rønnebæksholm Arts and Culture Centre is a self-owning institution. The main building plays host to four to six exhibitions. The emphasis is on modern and contemporary visual arts.


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