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R-Ḥ-M (Arabic: ر ح م‎, Hebrew: רחם‎) is the triconsonantal root of many Arabic and Hebrew words, and many of those words are used as names. It indicates mercy and sympathy.



  • raḥam (Arabic: رحم‎, reḥem Hebrew: רחם‎): "womb".
  • raḥ-m-mahh (Arabic: رحمة‎), raḥamim Hebrew: רחמים‎): "caring; cares, mercy".

The Arabic stems[edit]

  • raḥima: "be mild, care, have mercy"
  • raḥḥama: "care for, feel sympathy for"
  • istirḥama: "beg for mercy"

The Hebrew stems[edit]

  • raḥam: "care, be mild, have mercy, have tender affection, have compassion"
  • raḥum: "mildhearted, softhearted, compassionate"
  • raḥmani: "mild, meek, careful, merciful, compassionate"
  • raḥmi: "womb"


Names given to God[edit]

Human given names[edit]