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R.B. Russell is an English publisher,[1] editor, author,[2] illustrator[3] and songwriter.[4]


Russell runs the award-winning Tartarus Press with Rosalie Parker, and for many years compiled the Guide to First Edition Prices.[5] As an author he has had three collections of short stories and a novella published. His story "Loup-garou" was chosen for Ellen Datlow’s The Best Horror of the Year. "In Hiding" was nominated for the 2010 World Fantasy Award,[6] and "The Beautiful Room" for the 2011 British Fantasy Award.[7] Michael Dirda has described Russell as "...among the leading practitioners of classic supernatural fiction".[8]

His novella, Bloody Baudelaire, is currently in production as a film by 3:1 Cinema with the new title Backgammon.[9]

He compiles the reference book, a Guide to First Edition Prices, which is now in its eighth edition and has been described as an extremely valuable book.[10][11] The present edition gives the values of over 50,000 sought after books.

He contributes artwork to Tartarus Press titles, and a selection of his art was on display at the Link Gallery, Dean Clough, Halifax, 2010/11.

Russell is also a songwriter, having previously composed songs released by The Bollweevils.[12] His first solo CD, Ghosts,[13] was released by Klanggalerie in February 2012. The accompanying video presentation was premiered in Vienna in March 2012,[14] and was subsequently shown at Dean Clough Galleries October 2012.[15]

Russell was the co-creator of C.W. Blubberhouse with Mark Valentine.


Guide to First Edition Prices

  • Eight editions, Tartarus Press, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007 & 2010.

Short stories

  • Putting the Pieces in Place, Ex Occidente Press (Bucharest, Romania), 2009.[16]
  • Literary Remains, PS Publishing (Hornsea, East Yorkshire), 2010.[17]
  • Leave Your Sleep, PS Publishing (Hornsea, East Yorkshire), 2012.


  • Bloody Baudelaire, Ex Occidente Press (Bucharest, Romania), 2009.[18]
  • The Dark Return of Time, Swan River Press (Dublin, Ireland), 2014.

Collected Edition

  • Ghosts, Swan River Press (Dublin, Ireland), 2012. (Contains Putting the Pieces in Place and Bloody Baudelaire. Available with Ghosts CD in a limited edition.)



  • Ghosts, Klanggalerie (Austria), 2012.
  • Bloody Baudelaire: A Soundtrack, Klanggalerie (Austria), 2014.[20]

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