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R. H. King Academy
RH King Academy.JPG
3800 St Clair Avenue East
Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario, M1M 1V3, Canada
Coordinates 43°43′20″N 79°14′15″W / 43.72222°N 79.23750°W / 43.72222; -79.23750Coordinates: 43°43′20″N 79°14′15″W / 43.72222°N 79.23750°W / 43.72222; -79.23750
School board Toronto District School Board
Superintendent Anne Kerr
Area trustee Elizabeth Moyer
Principal D. Rowan
Vice principal Mary Burch
Andalouza Nagy
School type High school
Grades 9-12
Language English
(We care, We strive, We serve)
Mascot Kingsley lion
Yearbook The Bluff
Newspaper Kingsley Voice
Founded 1922
Homepage Official Website

R. H. King Academy (formerly named R. H. King Collegiate Institute and Scarborough High School) is a secondary school located in the Scarborough district of Toronto, Ontario and is part of the Toronto District School Board. The school was founded in 1922 as Scarborough High School and became R. H. King Collegiate Institute in 1954, named after the school's first principal Reginald H. King. It became an academy in 1989. King was the first secondary school built in the region of what was then known as the township of Scarborough and second-oldest surviving institution in the Scarborough district, after Agincourt Collegiate Institute.

R. H. King Academy has won three Canada Awards for Excellence from the National Quality Institute.[1][2][3] Feeder schools for R. H. King Academy are John A. Leslie Public School, Bliss Carman Senior Public School, Robert Service Senior Public School and Anson Park Public School.


The building design of R. H. King Academy has changed significantly. The structure was initially built in the shape of an "H" when seen from the air. The auditorium of the school was later demolished after it was destroyed by fire. The school's current west-portion was built in 1954 as renovation after the fire, changing the school from its original "H" shape. The original library which was located on the top floor was later relocated into the newly built east portion.


King students are obligated to do more community service hours than that mandated by the province high school students. They are assigned Independent Study Unit (ISU) projects throughout the semester, and are obliged to complete a minimum of 75 hours of community service versus the normal TDSB level of 40 hours; students in the Leadership strand are required to complete 100 hours. R.H. King Academy also honors students who have an annual 80% average, and awards a Gold K to students maintaining an 85% annual average. The highest honour at RH King Academy is the Vestri Taedam Tollere Award, which is given to the student who has obtained the highest average in grade 9, 11, and 12 of each year. At commencement, the most intelligent grade 12 student passes a candle to the most intelligent grade 9 student as a symbol of learning. Likewise, at Academy Awards, the most intelligent grade 11 student passes a candle to the most intelligent grade 9 student.[citation needed]

Students are encouraged to take part in leadership groups and teams, where they fund and become involved in various causes and events throughout the community. Recently,[when?] R.H. King leadership groups are involved in the following events:

In addition, funds raised during events like the Multi-cultural night are contributed often to support causes and charities around the world.

Coat of arms[edit]

Coat of arms

R. H. King Academy is one of the few schools in Canada that has its own official (granted by the Governor General of Canada) coat of arms.[4] Created during the 2002/2003 academic year in conjunction with the school's 80th anniversary with the principal design work done by S. Bolter, one of the art teachers teaching at the institution, its symbols are designed to signify the core values of the Academy:

  • The arches - a historical symbol of the school. The arches is the only remaining part of the original 1922 building that still stands on the front lawn of the school.
  • Trillium flowers - representing the province of Ontario.
  • Chestnuts - a symbol of knowledge.
  • Bluffs/Water - signifying its location and proximity to the Scarborough Bluffs
  • Lions - The mascot of the school is Kingsley, a lion. It also represents pride and ties to the British lion.
  • DILIGIMUS, QUAERIMUS, SERVIMUS - The school's motto, in Latin (We Care, We Strive, We Serve).

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