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R J Dent is an English writer of fiction and non-fiction.


His stories, poems and essays have appeared in a variety of magazines, journals and periodicals, including Writer’s Muse, Orbis, Chanticleer, Agenda, Panda, Roundyhouse, Quazen, Authspot, and Philosophy Now. His translations of the poems of Alcaeus and of Charles Baudelaire have appeared in Acumen and Inclement.

His first novel, Myth, is a dark, erotic fantasy set on a Greek island. It was published by Pegasus in July 2006.

He has translated Le Comte de Lautréamont’s The Songs of Maldoror, Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil, and Alcaeus’s Poems & Fragments into English.



Short stories[edit]

  • A Triumph (2002) Writer’s Muse
  • Jordy Michaels Leaps the Great Divide (2004) Philosophy Now
  • More to the Picture (2006) Writer’s Muse
  • Chest of Wonders (2006) Express Art Gallery
  • Mimique (2007) AWEN
  • 9/11 Considered as the First Turn in a Game of Darts (2007) Authspot
  • The Purple Butterfly (2008) Writer’s Muse
  • For Heart’s Sake (2008) Authspot
  • Yellow Bandana (2008) Authspot
  • The Short Story (2008) Writinghood
  • Tally (2008) Authspot
  • Windows (2008) Authspot
  • On The Bus (2008) Authspot
  • The Six Letters of Henry VIII (2008) Authspot
  • Echoes (2008) Authspot



  • A Collaboration of Unlike Minds: Robert Graves’ and William Blake’s The Tyger (2006) Roundyhouse
  • You who magically make supple the old bones of the after-hours drunkard trampled by the horses’ – an essay on translating (2006) Agenda
  • Violence and exquisite beauty – the aesthetics of Roy Campbell (2006) Agenda
  • J. G. Ballard and the fiction of enclosed space (2007) Quazen
  • The Life, Death and Afterlife of Richard Bachman(2007) Quazen

Poetry Collections[edit]

  • Moonstone Silhouettes


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