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Rajko Milošević-Guéra
Born Rajko Milošević-Gera
(1959-11-24) November 24, 1959 (age 55)
Nationality Serbian
Occupation Writer

Rajko Milošević a.k.a. Gera and R.M. Guéra (Serbian Cyrillic: Рајко Милошевић - Гера, born November 24, 1959, in Belgrade) is a Serbian comic book author and illustrator. He lives in Barcelona, Spain since 1991.

He debuted in the Yugoslav comic book industry in 1982 with the series Elmer Jones (Serbian Елмер Џонс), a Leonesque western scripted by Dragan Savić. They later collaborated on Texas Riders (Serbian Тексашки јахачи) in 1984.

R.M. Gera's work has been published in Spain, France and the United States. He is working on the Vertigo Comics series Scalped, with writer Jason Aaron, as well as on Le Lievre de Mars, with writer Patrick Cothias for French publisher Glénat.

Géra is a childhood nickname, and not part of his real name. He changed it to Guéra in the early 1990s when he moved to Barcelona, Spain, to adapt it to Spanish pronunciation.[1]


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Sofija Skorić is a Serbian Canadian writer, editor, translator, publisher, activist and initiator and founder of "The Serbian Heritage Academy of Canada", based in Toronto.

She came to Canada at an early age to take her degrees in Library Science and become one of the principal librarians at Robarts Library of the University of Toronto, retiring as librarian emerita.

Skorić concerns herself with three main fields of inquiry -- the interrelations of philosophy and science, the philosophy of law, and the social and political problems of the Serbs. She edited some of the books of George Vid Tomashevich, Danko Popović, Meša Selimović, Dushan R. Kosovich, Vasa D. Mihailovich; wrote several comprehensive chapters in the East European Quarterly, Serbian Studies and other learned Slavic periodicals; and translated "Epiphany" by Matija Bečković the poet. She also served as president of the The North American Society for Serbian Studies and vice-president of the Serbian Unity Congress.

Skorić's eminence among her contemporary Serbian writers was not generally recognized until the appearance of the "Serbs in Ontario", "Serbian Academy of Arts and Sciences: An Institution at Risk", "Stress In the Vortex of Global Anomie," "Dream and Shadows," "A World As A Metaphor," "The Bloodblossoms of Kossovo: A Chronicle About the Serbian Holy Land," "Jewish Portraits in the Work of Ivo Andrić," and many other titles.

Her earlier work in publishing received recognition of the Canadian and Serbian governments alike; but it was her determination to initiate and found the Serbian Heritage Academy of Canada which established her position in the front rank of the Serbian activists in Canada.


Sofija Skorić:https://www.library.yorku.ca/find/Author/Home?author=Skoric%2C%20Sofija.