R. Scott Dunbar

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R. Scott Dunbar had a hand in the discovery of eight asteroids.

Dunbar discovered the comet 3551 Verenia by himself. He was a co-discoverer with Eleanor F. Helin six times: 3360 Syrinx, (6065) 1987 OC, 6435 Daveross, 7163 Barenboim, 1983 LB, and 1983 LC. Dunbar also co-discovered 3362 Khufu with Maria A. Barucci. 3718 Dunbar, discovered by E. F. Helin and Schelte J. Bus, is named after him.

Dunbar and Helin also claimed the discovery of comet 1980 p, which turned out not to exist. It was a ghost image of Alpha Leonis.