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Latvija RAF.JPG
RAF-2203 Latvija.
Manufacturer Rīgas Autobusu Fabrika (RAF)
Body and chassis
Doors 4
Engine ZMZ four cylinder, gasoline. 2,445 liters.
Capacity 11
Power output 95 hp
Transmission four speed, mechanic.
Length 4980 mm
Width 2035 mm
Height 1970 mm
Curb weight 1670 kg
Rear view.

The RAF-2203 Latvija (nickname Rafik) was a minibus designed and developed by Rīgas Autobusu Fabrika from 1976–1997. They were widely used throughout the USSR as fixed-run taxis (the Marshrutkas), medical cars, used for Latvenergo and as a special services vehicles. It was the successor of the RAF-977.

They have now been replaced mostly by GAZ products (GAZelle, Barguzin, etc.).


  • RAF-2203 Latvija – 4x2 4dr van, 1976
  • RAF-2203 Latvija [delivery] – 4x2 4dr delivery van
  • RAF-2203 Latvija [cardiology] – 4x2 4dr cardiac ambulance
  • RAF-2203 Latvija [fire] – 4x2 4dr fire minivan
  • RAF-2203 Latvija GAI – 4x2 4dr police van
  • RAF-2203 Latvija [mail] – 4x2 4dr mail van
  • RAF-2203 Latvija [taxi] – 4x2 4dr taxi van
  • RAF-2203 Latvija VAI – 4x2 4dr military police van
  • RAF-22031 Latvija – 4x2 4dr ambulance
  • RAF-2907 – special car based on RAF-2203