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RAF Gambut

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Wrecked Me 110s at Gambut 1941.jpg
Abandoned German aircraft at Gambut after its recapture by the Allies (December 1941)
IATA: noneICAO: none
Airport type Military
Owner/Operator Various
Location Near: Kambut, Libya
Coordinates 31°57′04″N 024°30′14″E / 31.95111°N 24.50389°E / 31.95111; 24.50389
  is located in Libya
Location of RAF Gambut

RAF Gambut (or RAF Kambut) is a complex of six abandoned military airfields in Libya, located about 5 kilometres (3 mi) north-northeast of the village of Kambut, and 50 kilometres (31 mi) east-southeast of Tobruk.

During World War II, the complex was an important facility, used by the Royal Air Force. A large number of RAF squadrons were based there for a time.

Axis forces captured Gambut on the 17th June 1941, after the Battle of Tobruk.[1] This was a significant blow to the Allies as the airfield had been used to provide air-support to the Allied forces besieged at Tobruk. The airfield saw use by the German Luftwaffe until its recapture by the New Zealand 4th Infantry Brigade on the 25 November.[2]

The United States Army Air Forces deployed the air echelon of Eighth Air Force's 93d Bombardment Group to Gambut on 16 December 1944, and it remained until 23 February 1943.[3] Ninth Air Force's 376th Bombardment Group used the airfield between 3 January and 22 February 1943.

Today the remains of the airfields – deteriorating under the desert sands – are visible on aerial photographs.

Airfields at Gambut[edit]

RAF Designation US Designation Location
Gambut Main (No.1) LG-139 31°52′5″N 24°29′5″E / 31.86806°N 24.48472°E / 31.86806; 24.48472
Gambut No. 2 LG-142 31°51′5″N 24°32′5″E / 31.85139°N 24.53472°E / 31.85139; 24.53472
Gambut No. 3 LG-143 31°50′5″N 24°36′5″E / 31.83472°N 24.60139°E / 31.83472; 24.60139
Gambut Comms No. 4 LG-156 31°54′0″N 24°25′5″E / 31.90000°N 24.41806°E / 31.90000; 24.41806
Gambut No. 5 LG-159 31°52′0″N 24°25′5″E / 31.86667°N 24.41806°E / 31.86667; 24.41806
Gambut No. 6 LG-158 31°50′0″N 24°39′0″E / 31.83333°N 24.65000°E / 31.83333; 24.65000

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