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Type Grenade Launcher
Place of origin  Czech Republic
Production history
Manufacturer Czech Weapons (ČZW)
Variants RAG-30
Weight 11,7 kg (RAG-30)
13,2 kg (SAG-30)
Length 755 mm (stock retracted)
1000 mm (stock extended)
Barrel length 300 mm

Cartridge VOG 17
Caliber 30 mm
Action Lever-delayed blowback
Rate of fire 300 rpm (RAG-30)
Semi-automatic (SAG-30)
Feed system 5 round overhead magazine

The RAG-30 is an automatic grenade launcher of Czech origin.[1] The weapon fires 30 mm grenades. It is fed from a 5-round detachable box magazine located at the top of the housing.

The SAG-30 is a semi-automatic variant that fires from a closed bolt.[2]


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