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RAM Magazine (which was an acronym for 'Rock Australia Magazine') was a fortnightly national Australian music press newspaper published in Sydney during the later part of the 1970s through to the 1980s. Founded in March 1975[1] RAM Magazine was considered to be one of the most important Australian music press publications of its time and its editorial style was written for the serious rock and pop music reader and fans (as was its main rival Juke Magazine from Melbourne).

The magazine was founded by Anthony O'Grady (a former contributor to Go-Set) and publisher Phillip Mason. RAM was modeled on English papers such as New Musical Express and Melody Maker[2] and there were three eras of RAM, each defined by their editors - Anthony O'Grady, Greg Taylor and Phil Stafford. Among the magazine's notable contributors were Annie Burton, Jen Jewel Brown, Stuart Coupe, the late Andrew McMillan and Clinton Walker.

RAM finally published its last edition in July 1989[3] after running for just under 15 years.


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