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RAM Mobile Data
Type Private
Industry Wireless, ICT, fleet management
Founded 1988
Headquarters Utrecht, The Netherlands
Products Mobitex, paging, interactive messaging
Revenue N/A
Employees 120

Ram Mobile Data was originally founded by Ram Broadcasting Corporation as American Mobile Data Communications, Inc. in 1988.[1] The name of the company was changed to Ram Mobile Data in 1989. RAM Mobile Data was the U.S. Operator of the Mobitex network.

Ram Mobile Data was sold and renamed BellSouth Wireless Data in 1995 and later became Cingular Interactive when BellSouth and SBC Communications formed Cingular Wireless. The Mobitex division within Cingular Wireless was sold to an investment company in 2005 and became Velocita Wireless. Velocita Wireless was purchased by Sprint Nextel and became a Sprint Nextel Company in early 2006. Today Ram Mobile Data is the exclusive operator of Mobitex in the Netherlands. With headquarters in Utrecht (NL) and a daughter in Bruxelles (BE) they are running the entire Mobitex operations throughout the BeNeLux. Furthermore Ram has a business unit Ram track-and-trace and since 2010 a daughter in IT services Ram Infotechnology.

Navara, a division of Ram Mobile Data, provides mobile device interface solutions for existing applications and databases. Navara is an independent software vendor that produces the Navara Mobility Suite, a software system that allows mobile access to business systems. Navara is utilized to provide mobile access to many different backend systems across many industries. Navara support most major mobile devices and industry-standard integration and communication technologies. Nowadays Navara is no longer a division of Ram and has privatized.

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  1. ^ RAM Broadcasting Corporation was an owner of regional paging companies and cellular companies [1]