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For other uses, see RATP.
Regia Autonomă de Transport Public Iași (RATP)
Tramvai din Iasi5.jpg
Owner City of Iași
Locale Iași
Transit type Tram, Bus
Daily ridership 150,000
Began operation 1898
Number of vehicles 150 trams, 100 buses
Track gauge 1,000 mm (3 ft 3 38 in) metre gauge

The Regia Autonomă de Transport Public Iași (RATP) is the major transit operator responsible for public transportation in Iași, Romania.

Established on 19 March 1898, RATP operates an extensive network using metre gauge trams (electric trams began operating in 1900) and buses. Trolley buses were used on a number of routes starting in 1985, but all trolley bus routes were converted to bus operation by 2005.


The RATP operates 8 tram routes on 82.6 kilometres (51.3 mi)[1] and 9 bus routes on 98.6 kilometres (61.3 mi) throughout Iași.

In the first 3 months of 2007, the RATP carried 11,365,819 passengers, an average of 128,000 passengers per day.[2]


The RATP fare system accepts tickets and transit passes. As of 15 July 2014, adult cash fares are RON2.00 (0.45) for a single trip, or RON1.90 (€0.43) each when purchasing 10 trips. Adult passes are available by the day RON8.00 (€1.80), 30-day one route RON75.00 (€16.85), 30-day two routes RON90.00 (€20.22), or 30-day all routes RON120.00 (€26.96). Student 30-day one route passes are sold for RON56.00 (€12.58), whereas senior residents of the city over 65 are allowed to travel for free (by application).

Rolling stock[edit]

Historically, tram cars from different companies have been acquired. The current fleet operates with 150 trams.[3]

Current vehicles[edit]

Product list and details (date information from RATP)
 Make/Model   Description   Fleet size   Year acquired   Year produced   Notes 
SSB GT4 articulated tram 106 1997–2012 1959–1965 Acquired 109 units from Stuttgarter Straßenbahnen, Hallesche Verkehrs, Stadtwerke Augsburg, Stadtwerke Nordhausen. 75 units modernised in 1988–1998. 2 units retired. 1 unit rebuilt as GT4M. RATP is the largest operator of this model.
GT4M articulated tram 1 1997/2013 1962/2012 SSB GT4 rebuilt by Remar Paşcani.[4][5]
GT8 (Type Mannheim) double-articulated tram 10 2010-2012 1976 Acquired from Stadtwerke Augsburg.
ST10 articulated tram 7 2007–2008 1976 Acquired from HEAG mobilo Darmstadt.
ST11 double-articulated tram 3 2007–2008 1982 Acquired from HEAG mobilo Darmstadt.
Be 4/4 + B4/B tram + wagon 9 2003–2004 1960–1961 Acquired from Bernmobil Bern.
Be 8/8 double-articulated tram 14 2008–2010 1973 Acquired from Bernmobil Bern. All units modernised in 1987–1990.

Retired vehicles[edit]

Former rolling stock (informations from RATP)
 Make/Model   Description   Fleet size   Fleet numbers   Year acquired   Year produced   In service until   Notes 
old trams 2-axle tram 54 1-54 1898-? 1898-? ca.1976 Original trams built by AEG, later modernised and rebuilt by other companies; 2 trams preserved
ITB V58+V10 2-axle tram+trailer 56+66 50-105/50-115 1959–1969 1958–1969 1992 1 tram preserved
ČKD Tatra T4R 4-axle tram 70 201-270 1978–1981 1978–1981 2009 1 tram preserved
Timiş-2 4-axle tram+trailer 47+47 301-347, 348 ex 301 (same number for both tram and trailer) 1981–1982 1981–1982 2003 1 tram+trailer preserved, 4 trams converted into works cars
ex-V58+V10 2-axle tram+trailer 15+15 100-114 (same number for tram and trailer) 1991–1992


1958–1969 ca.1996 Rebuilt by RATP Iasi from old V58+V10 trams; none preserved
ITB V2A 6-axle articulated tram 25 350-374 1992–1996 1988–1996 2003 1 prototype (new); 24 trams acquired from Oradea Transport Local and CTP Cluj-Napoca, and modernised by Nicolina SA Iași; 1 tram preserved
ČKD Tatra T4D 4-axle tram 27+2(B4D) 201II, 206II, 208II, 212II, 219II, 223II, 230II, 231II, 236II, 237II, 241II, 242II, 244II, 246II, 249II, 251II, 253II, 257II, 260II, 262II, 266II, 267II, 269II, 271-274 / 273-274 1997–2002 1968–1988 2009 Acquired from HAVAG; none preserved
ST7/ST8 6-axle articulated tram 16 101-116 1998 1961–1963 2009 Acquired from HEAG mobilo Darmstadt; 1 tram preserved
GT5 5-axle articulated tram 14 354-355, 357-358, 360, 362, 365-367, 369-373 2001 1964–1969 2010 Acquired from Stadtwerke Augsburg; 1 tram preserved

Bus fleet[edit]

Currently, the RATP operates a fleet of approximately 100 transit buses and vans.


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