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Research Councils UK
Abbreviation RCUK
Formation 2002
Legal status Government agency
Purpose Funding of UK science research
Headquarters Polaris House
Region served UK
Membership Seven UK Research Councils
Main organ RCUK Executive Group (Chairman - Professor Rick Rylance)
Parent organization BIS
Budget c.£3,000m
Website RCUK
"RCUK" redirects here. For the UK council on resuscitation standards, see Resuscitation Council (UK).

Research Councils UK (RCUK) is a strategic partnership between the seven UK Research Councils. It enables the Councils to work together more effectively to enhance the overall impact and effectiveness of their research, training and innovation activities, contributing to the delivery of the Government's objectives for science and innovation.


RCUK was established in 2002 following a Government review. RCUK is not a legal entity and its work is undertaken by employees of the seven organisations. They use the term Research Councils UK (RCUK) only when engaging in joint action.


RCUK adds value to individual Research Council activities by:

  • enabling dialogue about research priorities, facilitating an open and collective approach to investing in multidisciplinary research and training.
  • making it easier for Councils and external stakeholders to work together, promoting dialogue, collaboration and partnership.
  • articulating coherently the activities, views and opinions of the Research Councils to increase their collective visibility and policy influence.
  • working jointly with the academic community and other funders to provide more effective and efficient services for the research community, reducing the level of bureaucracy on researchers and university administrators.
  • improving Councils' operational performance by sharing best practice and making efficiency gains to release more Science Budget resources for research.

Each of the Research Councils is an equal partner in RCUK, and each uses its best endeavours to identify and pursue opportunities for mutually beneficial joint working with one or more of the other Councils.


Leadership of the partnership is provided by the chief executives of the research councils, working together through the RCUK Executive Group. This is currently chaired by Professor Rick Rylance, Chief Executive of the Arts and Humanities Research Council.[1]

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