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An RC flight simulator is a computer program that allows pilots of radio-controlled aircraft to practice on a computer, without the risk and expense of a damaging a real model. Besides the obvious use of training beginners, they are also used for practising new aerobatics, evaluating a model before buying it, and to allow flight practice when conditions are otherwise unsuitable. Most simulators allow the use of real R/C transmitters to control the sim.

There are a number of commercial packages available, such as Phoenix R/C, Hangar 9's FS One, SVK Systems ClearView, Great Planes' RealFlight and IPACS AeroFly. There are also some freeware packages, as listed below.

Most simulators allow the importing of add-ons such as new models and landscapes. There are many web sites dedicated to offering free content like this.

Some of these simulators are dedicated to R/C flight, while others are generic simulators that can simulate both full-scale and R/C flight.

Feature Comparison[edit]

Simulation Type of aircraft Price License Free Demo? Operating System Controller Type External Link
Aerofly Professional Deluxe Model planes and helicopters $300 EULA No Windows, Mac Included or controller http://www.aerofly.com/afpd/index.html
AeroSim RC Model planes, helicopters, multicopters €65 Hardware keyed yes Windows Included controller http://www.aerosimrc.com/
R/C Desk Pilot Model Planes and Helicopters $0 Freeware n/a Windows Joystick http://www.rcdeskpilot.com/
ClearView Model Planes and Helicopters $40 EULA Yes Windows, Joystick or Controller http://www.rcflightsim.com/
CRRCsim Model Planes $0 Freeware/OpenSource n/a Windows, Mac, Linux Joystick, Controllers http://sourceforge.net/apps/mediawiki/crrcsim/index.php
Dave Brown RCFS Model Planes and Helicopters $150 EULA No Windows Joystick, Controllers http://www.dbproducts.com/store/rcfs2001.htm
Digital Aircraft Modeller Model Planes $40 EULA Yes Windows Joystick, controllers http://www.digitalaircraftmodeler.com/
FlightGear Planes, helicopters, model planes. $0 GPL n/a Cross-platform Check categories: hardware (joystick) & R/C. http://www.flightgear.org/
Flying Model Simulator Model Planes and Helicopters $0 Freeware n/a Windows Joystick, controller adapters http://modelsimulator.com/
FSOne Model Planes and Helicopters $130 EULA No Windows Real Controller http://www.fsone.com
Phoenix R/C Model Planes and Helicopters $130-$175 EULA Yes Windows Real Controller http://www.phoenix-sim.com
PicaSim Model planes $0-$5 EULA Yes Windows, iOS, Android Joystick, Controllers, Touch http://www.rowlhouse.co.uk/PicaSim
PRE-Flight Model Planes and Helicopters $25-$45 EULA Yes Windows Real Controller http://www.preflightsim.com/
Great Planes RealFlight Model Planes and Helicopters $200 EULA Yes[1] Windows Real Controller http://www.realflight.com/
Mugi Sim Mugi slope soaring glider $1 EULA Yes Windows, iOS (iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch) Joystick, Controllers, Touch http://www.baawolf.com/mugisim_about.php
Slope Soaring Simulator Model planes $0 GNU GPL n/a Windows, Linux Joystick http://www.rowlhouse.co.uk/sss/
HELI-X Model helicopters €49 EULA Yes. Also version 0.9 is free Windows, Linux, Mac System Joystick, Real controllers http://www.heli-x.net/
X-Plane Just about anything $30 EULA Yes Windows, Linux, Mac System Joystick http://www.x-plane.com
AlphaMacSoftware's RC Helicopter Simulator Helicopters $0  ? Yes Mac System Joystick, Real Controllers http://www.alphamacsoftware.com/index.php
Ron's RC Flight Simulator Model Planes, Quadra-copters and Helicopters $0 Adware n/a Windows, Mac, Linux, Android (Chrome or Firefox browsers only) Logitech and XBox Gamepads, OculusVR http://www.RonsRCSim.com
R/C Sim Sikorsky Helicopters €35 EULA Yes Windows Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Real Controllers http://home.zonnet.nl/blacksphere2/rcsim.html


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